Psychic Advisors Make Use of Cutting-Edge Technology to Provide Assistance


Psychic Advisors Make Use of Cutting-Edge Technology to Provide Assistance

When we think about psychics, we probably picture a traveling carnival. However, today’s psychics are more likely to use technology than a tent.

Crystal Clear International, a company representing the world’s leading psychics for 13 years, is using live video-conferencing similar to Skype on its new site PsychicCast to create a richer experience for those seeking psychic advice on everything from relationships to finances to major life decisions.

According to Jeff Wolf, PsychicCast founder, the new generation that’s interested in psychic advice can now get it on an interactive platform. PsychicCast is a quantum leap in bringing psychic services to this audience, and we are proud to be serving it.

PsychicCast is an international organization – with psychics located throughout the world, many are multi-lingual. Now someone can reach an international psychic from anywhere at any time. According to Wolf, they represent psychics with a minimum 10 years experience; many have worked with the police.

PsychicCast also has user-friendly policies. Not only are all newcomers offered a free trial, clients do not pay unless they are satisfied. This adds a nice personal touch to an experience that is all about personal touch, according to Wolf. They are also the first website to offer a free psychic social community similar to Facebook, where members can interact with each other on a variety of topics – from astrology, clairvoyance, i-ching, numerology and Tarot – using the Facebook format, considered the standard in online social communities.