ABA ROLI Digital Rights and Internet Freedom Curriculum Consultant

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  • remote
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American Bar Association

ABA ROLI is seeking a consultant to develop a regional training curriculum and resources on digital privacy (the collection and use of personal and networked data online by both state and non-state actors) focusing on five target jurisdictions (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam). This posting will be for an anticipated regional program that will engage civil society, legal sector, private sector, and government entities in Southeast Asia. The position is contingent on the availability of funding; applications are being accepted in anticipation of approval for funding.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Working under the oversight of ABA ROLI’s Program Director and the Privacy Advisory Group –composed of international pro bono legal experts drawn from ABA’s 250,000 membership – the consultant shall develop content and resources suitable for a hybrid training program that consists of live (virtual and in-person) and On Demand sessions.

Training resources should be designed for two target audiences: civil society organizations and lawyers and address the following learning objectives:

1. Understanding what the right to privacy is; its importance to securing other human rights; and the difference between data privacy and data protection. This includes understanding current international definitions for critical concepts such as personal privacy, networked privacy, digital privacy, and data protection, and how they are different but interrelated.

2. Understand existing international and regional policy frameworks and extra-legal practices.

3. Analyze sample legislation and regulations from around the world that adapt international and regional frameworks (from #2) to local jurisdictions.

4. Data privacy regulations and practices in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam (to be developed in consultation with local experts in ABA ROLI’s network).


1. Outline for the four modules (outlined above), including identification of: learning outcomes, exercises suitable for On Demand learning.

2. Draft curriculum, including scripts for On Demand content, group and individual exercises and required/recommended readings to be reviewed and approved by ABA ROLI.

3. Finalized curriculum including all rights to content.

a. Modules are to be completed on a rolling basis, with module 1 to be finalized by month 4 and each subsequent module to be finalized one month thereafter.

4. Support ABA ROLI in producing On Demand content (reviewing products, providing feedback, assist in revising based on feedback from others) and ABA facilitators and trainers and facilitators using resources (participating in consulting training session with facilitators and trainers to answer any questions).

5. Where relevant/appropriate conducting training (live or On Demand).


• The consultant’s contract will be for 8-10 months. This position is contingent on availability of funding, which may affect the timeline.

Basic Skills and Qualifications:

• Subject matter expert on digital rights, digital privacy, and data protection with thorough grasp of extant human rights and adjacent legislation

• Demonstrated experience in digital rights in Southeast Asia

• Experience in adult education strategies and developing virtual and On Demand training content.

• Experience working in Justice Sector a plus.

Preferred Qualifications and Interests:

• Proficiency, if not fluency, in English and one or more regional languages.


• This consultancy position is remote.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV to [email protected] by September 18, 2022.

Closing date: 9/18/2022