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Animated Video Producer

Producing animated videos and graphical training materials on International Justice processes relating to Rohingya crisis


Founded in July 2013, Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Geneva. LAW takes a survivor centered, gender sensitive approach to creative legal strategies to improve access to justice and provide legal redress to the most vulnerable in conflict-affected and fragile regions.

LAW undertakes a number of cutting-edge projects and global campaigns to support communities that have suffered grave human rights violations across Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

LAW in Bangladesh

LAW’s ground-breaking Rohingya Crisis programme seeks to ensure meaningful Rohingya participation in the ongoing international justice processes pertaining to their treatment in Myanmar, including: the case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (The Gambia v. Myanmar); the ongoing investigation by the Officer of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the work of the Independent Investigative Mechanism on Myanmar (IIMM). LAW works closely with the different legal teams working within these mechanisms. Additionally, LAW undertakes innovative strategic litigation on behalf of Rohingya and ensures Rohingya voices are prioritized throughout its advocacy. LAW works with the Rohingya community to alleviate the cultural stigma and feelings of shame that prevent victims from accessing the medical and psycho-social support that they need to manage their trauma.


LAW is running a project aimed at empowering Rohingya refugees to be aware of the ongoing international justice and accountability mechanisms pertaining to the persecution faced by them in Myanmar. This will be achieved inter alia through a widespread awareness-building initiative amongst Rohingya refugees regarding international justice processes and gender equality. The information campaign will target Rohingya women, youth and marginalized groups, ensuring that the legal awareness reaches a wide cross-section of the community. LAW’s experience in working closely with Rohingya women and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, including the male survivors and hijra populations will be drawn upon to ensure that the information delivery is undertaken in a gender-sensitive, age-sensitive, and trauma-informed manner.


LAW is looking for a dynamic creative team to produce cutting edge animation videos and graphical training materials to raise awareness amongst Rohingya refugees regarding international justice and accountability for the persecution suffered by them in Myanmar. The main objectives of the communication materials are:

  1. Increasing and improving the understanding international justice and key facts regarding the same among Rohingya community
  2. Providing accurate information about international justice to reduce misinformation and ensure meaningful participation of the community in international justice and accountability processes.

Scope of Work and Deliverables:

LAW identifies the following deliverables to be designed and produced during the term of this consultancy:

  1. Script and Storyboard
  • In consultation with the LAW team, develop scripts and storyboards for an animated video series on various themes related to international justice and accountability.
  • Review existing material developed by LAW and other relevant material available in public domain in order to develop the scripts and story boards.
  • Undertake the required rounds of edits as appropriate based on feedback from the LAW team.
  1. Animated Videos and Audio Clips:
  • Develop Six (06) 2D animated short videos on the themes discussed and mutually agreed upon with the LAW team. Each video will be less than 5 minutes in length.
  • Record the narration/dialogues/voiceover in Rohingya dialect according to the approved script and storyboard.
  • Prepare graphics and animations with culturally relevant designs that will be used in the video.
  • Place subtitles in the developed videos in English and Burmese.
  • Undertake the required rounds of edits as appropriate based on feedback from the LAW team and the community. LAW will provide support in facilitating meetings to gather feedback from the community and to undertake the testing, in order to finalize the videos.
  • The videos must be suitable for use on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop platforms. The videos must be compatible with both operating system, IOS and Windows.
  • Provide audio clips of all the developed videos separately.
  1. Graphically designed training materials
  • Develop graphically designed training material using illustrations (booklets) on the themes provided by LAW (these themes will be the same as the videos). The training material will portray key facts on such themes in a concise and easy to understand manner.
  • Develop appropriate text as an explainer for each page of the graphics in English and Burmese.
  • Produce 100 high quality prints of the final material.
  • Provide soft versions of all the graphics, the illustrations, and the final products


The Consultant should include the following methodology in completing the deliverables:

  • Inception Meeting: Consultant will arrange an inception meeting with LAW within two days after winning the contract.
  • Based on the themes, content outline and reading materials provided by LAW, the Consultant will conduct secondary research and develop a draft script for each video.
  • Share the draft script, review any edits proposed, and finalize before commencing production on the videos and graphical training materials.
  • Develop the storyboard based of the approved script and share with LAW for review.
  • Produce video animations, record voice-over/dialogues/narration, mix soundtrack, and incorporate subtitles in the videos.
  • Share draft of the videos for review and incorporate the suggested changes.
  • Attend focus group discussions (either in-person if possible or remotely) aimed at collecting community feedback on the proposed materials at any stage(s) as appropriate.
  • Provide the final outputs.

Proposed Timeline:

It is proposed that the foregoing deliverables must be completed within 10 weeks (50 days) from the time of issuance of the work order. The selected Consultant should aim to complete all the tasks as per the tentative schedule indicated below. Flexibility in the timeline can be agreed upon as appropriate.

Sl, Task & Timeline

1. Inception meeting, document review and drafting of script in consultation with LAW – 1st & 2nd week

2. Development of story board and approval – 3rd week

3. Production of the videos – 4th, 5th and 6th week

4. Designing of the graphics, illustrations for the training material – 7th week

5. Provide the first draft and incorporate feedback from LAW – 8th Week

6. Provide the 2nd draft for field testing and feedback from community – 9th week

7. Incorporate final feedback and deliver the final product – 10th week


  1. LAW will hold the copyright of all the videos, graphics, illustrations, messages or any creative and intellectual property produced under the assignment.
  2. The service provider must ensure full confidentiality of any data, information or documents shared for the purpose of the assignment.

Required Qualifications of the Consultant/Production Agency

The Consultant’s application will be evaluated against the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated experience and competency in animation video production;
  • Experience in producing animated videos related to humanitarian crisis, international human rights or access to justice issues;
  • Experience working on the Rohingya situation is desirable;
  • Technical capacities (Human resources and equipment) to ensure smooth, on time and high-quality production;
  • Clear articulation of capacity and skill, and innovative approaches to carry out the assignment;
  • Ability to understand complex issues as well as demonstrated capacity to translate complex subject matters into engaging and audience friendly communication materials;
  • Experience working with Government, UN agency and other non-government organisations;
  • Other Requirements: The Consultant must have the requisite registration and appropriate certifications.

Payment Payment will be made in two instalments.

Application Procedure Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Technical Proposal: Short letter of Interest, stating why the applicant considers themselves suitable for the assignment; overall concept of the proposal with explanations of foreseeable scenarios
  • Brief methodology on the approach and implementation of the assignment (creative & innovative ideas, storytelling approach, style of animations etc) and a work plan in line with the ToR
  • Portfolio
  • Financial proposal: This must include a breakdown of individual costs within separate categories. Quotations will be inclusive of all taxes and VAT (as relevant).
  • Registration and appropriate certifications
  • Work References (preferable)

How to apply

How to Apply: Individuals or Firms wishing to be considered for this consultancy are invited to submit the above-mentioned document to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Subject Line: ‘Application for Animated Video Producer – LAW”

  • Location: Flexible
  • Deadline for application: 7th October 2022

For more information about LAW visit:

Closing date: 7-Oct-22