Consultancy: RFP-003NGA22- Project Management and Development Pro Training


Background and Introduction

Danish Refugee Council (DRC), one of the world’s leading humanitarian NGOs, is currently looking for a highly qualified consultant/consultancy company/institution to conduct a program management and development professional (PMD Pro) training for programme staff and provide certification.
Since 2015, DRC has been implementing humanitarian activities in three states in Nigeria, which are Borno, Adamawa and Yobe, to bring lasting solutions to the humanitarian crisis which has worsened because of armed conflict. Several programs have been implemented, such as WASH, shelter, protection, risk education, livelihood, and armed violence reduction.

The training is aimed at building the capacity of the national programme staff with the knowledge and techniques to effectively develop, plan, manage, monitor/evaluate and close projects. The training will provide DRC staff with the knowledge for effective planning and sequencing evaluation tasks – thus reducing delays; helping evaluators to better visualize all dependencies and prioritize tasks; accordingly, improving organization, and optimizing efficiency at all stages of projects cycle. The training will enhance participants’ skills in:
a) Comprehensive Project Management, Planning and Development
b) Allocating resources effectively during project development and execution – to shorten the overall flow time of the schedule and improving project performance.
d) Evaluating and applying a range of established techniques in the field of project management and planning to the execution of a project.

Tasks and Obligations of the consultant/consultancy company

Task 1: Develop Training Objectives, Content and Methodology

Task 2: Evaluate and Gather Information on the capacity needs of participants

Task 3: Prepare and produce training materials

Task 4: Lead and facilitate training using effective methodologies with interactive exercises
Task 5: Conduct Evaluation after the training

Task 6: Submit overall training report including evaluation report

Responsibilities of the consultant

The selected consultant/consultancy company will be responsible for:

• Identifying by name at least two individuals, a primary and secondary, to be focal persons responsible for the terms of reference above. Both persons should have the background, qualifications and skills required to accomplish these terms of reference, in terms of both facilitation skills and familiarity with the field of project management.

• Providing facilitators to conduct each workshop. (DRC reserves the right to specify which facilitator and whether one facilitator or two will be needed for the workshop. These details will be determined during the planning stage of each workshop with consultation occurring with the contractor at as early a stage as possible).

• Producing the training materials (colour printing, copying and binding the manuals) and transporting of the manuals to the training location.


The main deliverables expected in this assignment:
• Training Plan, which describes the contents of the course for the five days, the format, detailed schedule, learning materials, and outline of the planned training
• Conduct the training as described above
• A brief training report that highlights key takeaways, recommendations for future areas of PMD Pro training, and participant training assessment; and
• Brief post-training support to DRC staff using PMD scheduling tools and techniques or related project management tools as part of an ongoing evaluation.

Duration of Training and Participants
Training participants are national team leaders, specialists, and sector managers involved in program management. The training is to hold in two batches, one batch in Maiduguri, Borno state and another batch in Mubi, Adamawa state. Each training batch will last for 3 – 5 days, hence a total of 10 training days. Training must be completed within 20 calendar days.

Qualifications of consultant and experience required
The consultant is required to have the following qualifications and experience:
• Masters’ degree in project/program management, development research, M&E, Administration & Management, Public Health or a related field
• At least five (5) years experience in the area of expertise of the assignment especially conducting similar training to development or humanitarian organizations
• Previous training experience in development evaluation, project/program management, or related field
• Demonstrated experience in training staff from development/humanitarian institutions using effective methodologies
• Extensive knowledge in the area of applying PMD/P scheduling tools and techniques to development evaluation
• Fluent in spoken and written English

How to apply

  1. Interested Consultants should send an email requesting for the complete request for the proposal package to : [email protected]
  2. Questions and Clarification: [email protected]
  3. Tender submission: [email protected]
  4. Closing date: 12th April 2022 – 4:00PM Nigerian Time