Development of an interactive Story Map

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Terms of References (TORs)

Development of an interactive Story Map

  1. Who is JIPS?

JIPS is an interagency service established in 2009 to bring governments, communities, humanitarian and development actors together to collaborate towards collective outcomes and durable solutions to displacement situations. It does so by supporting collaborative and responsible data processes including profiling, developing the capacities of governments and key stakeholders, and advancing global discourse towards sound global standards. Field-focused and committed to enhancing local ownership and capacity, JIPS is a globally recognised impartial broker that draws on extensive field experience in diverse displacement contexts and a unique combination of technical, soft and political skills to drive change in the contexts it supports and the global discussions it informs.

  1. Purpose of the consultancy

As part of its country support services, JIPS supports partners to generate a shared understanding of the in-country information landscape on forced displacement. This involves mapping existing data systems and their geographic and thematic coverage, and making insights accessible using visual, narrative, and interactive techniques.

The objective of this consultancy is to support JIPS with the development of 1-2 interactive data stories and other data representations. This will include working with JIPS’ focal points on the analysis of existing data systems/datasets, and making insights accessible in an innovative and impactful way using digital story maps as well as visual representations such as interactive maps, data layers, charts, and infographics.

  1. Main tasks and deliverables

With a dedicated focal person in JIPS (Head of Knowledge Sharing and Communications), and in close cooperation with relevant JIPS colleagues, the Consultant is expected to perform the following tasks until the hours allocated are used up.

  1. To support JIPS for the development of a story map on the information landscape in a country we support, including data analysis and visualization, as well as developing the interactive data story using a platform such as ArcGIS and building on an existing example
  2. To support JIPS for the updating of an existing story map (built with ArcGIS) on the information landscape in a country we support
  3. To support JIPS for the analysis and effective visualisation of findings as part of ongoing exercises we support

The consultant will be required to track hours allocated to the above-mentioned tasks, with the input and supervision of the JIPS’ Head of Knowledge Sharing and Communications.

  1. JIPS responsibilities
  • JIPS will provide the consultant with a tool to track hours and work progress, and flag any issues, expected deadlines and upcoming work in a timely manner
  • JIPS will provide input/feedback in a timely manner to layout drafts and other deliverables
  • JIPS will be responsible to point the consultant to and provide any relevant data and analysis to be used as a basis for the development of the different deliverables
  1. Duration and timing

The total expected duration to complete the deliverables under this consultancy is 110 working hours over a period of 2 months between June and July 2022.

  1. Eligibility, qualification, and experience required
  • Eligibility: The consultant has the authorisation to work remotely. The Consultant must be available during the timeframe of the contract between June and July 2022.

  • Qualification, experience:

    • Consolidated experience in data science and working on data dashboards, digital data storytelling, interactive/embedded data visualization (maps, charts, infographics, etc.) and related areas
    • Experience using statistical packages for analyzing data and pulling/integration of data from multiple sources
    • Experience of tools for data analysis (e.g. Power BI, Tableau), story map building (e.g. ArcGIS/ESRI Storymaps), and interactive data visualization (e.g. Mapbox, Leaflet, Flourish, etc.)
  • Skills and knowledge:

    • Excellent project management, responsiveness, ability to meet tight deadlines while maintaining quality is a must.
    • Working experience in development or humanitarian sphere; experience working on displacement data a plus.
    • Familiarity with JIPS products and previous work with JIPS or its partners is an asset.
    • Demonstrated analytical and creative skills, high attention to detail, and ability to tailor the data stories with intended audiences and channels as well as the often complex/sensitive nature of displacement contexts in mind
  • Language requirements: excellent command of English

  1. Reporting arrangement

The selected consultant will work under the supervision of:

  • Corina Demottaz, JIPS Head of Knowledge Sharing and Communications, [email protected]
  • There will also be close coordination with JIPS’ focal point for relevant country support.
  1. Confidentiality and ownership

All information presented, obtained and produced is to be treated as JIPS’ property and is considered as confidential for all other purposes than what is outlined in the ToR. The material prepared by the consultant cannot be sold, used or reproduced in any manner (partially or in full) by the consultant without prior permission from JIPS. The consultant will be required to share the full design package with JIPS after the completion of each deliverable.

  1. Remuneration

The consultant will receive 30% of the total fee at the signature of the contract, 30% midway through the time of the contract on delivery of satisfactory deliverables, 40% on delivery of satisfactory deliverables at completion of all hours allocated.

The consultant’s fee must include all taxes and other changes including any VAT costs.

  1. Evaluation of bids

Bids can be submitted by email to the following dedicated, controlled, and secure email address: [email protected] with the full title of this tender.

  • The administrative proposal must include:

    • A signed General conditions of contract document
    • A signed Code of Conduct document
    • A complete and signed Supplier and Registration form
    • A portfolio with relevant examples to showcase the consultant’s work and capabilities
    • A copy of company registration and majority owner registration
    • Copy of ID/Passport
  • The financial proposal (RFQ Form) must:

    • Detail the applicant’s anticipated costs in CHF

JIPS reserves the right to negotiate based on the availability of the budget allocated to this activity.

  1. Tender details

The Tender details are as follows:



Time, date, address as appropriate


Tender published

18 May 2022


Closing date and time for receipt of Tenders

1 June 2022


Consultancy kick-off

3 June 2022


Deadline for final deliverables

30 July 2022


How to apply

If interested please send an email to [email protected]