Documentary Production on Outcomes and Lessons Learnt from the Community Led Mental Health Approaches Pilot Project

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Background of the project

Oxfam in Kenya together with its partners, Badili Africa and Usikimye are implementing a Mental Health pilot project (Uzima) with the objective of strengthening appropriate and effective community led actions to address common mental health issues experienced by women and girls affected by poverty, Gender Based Violence (GBV), general violence, discrimination, and marginalization.

The project is seeking to achieve the following outcomes

  • Outcome 1: Women, girls & Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in target communities have appropriate, accessible, and empowering mental health support services.
  • Outcome 2: Strengthened capacity of Women’s Right Organizations (WRO’s) and WHRDs to prevent, respond to and advocate for mental health wellness.
  • Outcome 3: Targeted WROs gain knowledge and have a working model to integrate mental health care actions in their interventions.
  • Outcome 4: WROs and Oxfam in Kenya will share learning on effective actions that address mental health care needs and enhance women’s empowerment programmes.

Scope of work

Under the supervision of Oxfam in Kenya, the consultant will be required to undertake a video documentation of outcomes and lessons learnt from the Uzima Project through interviews with partner staff and project participants. Specifically, the consultant will engage with targeted community members and partners in the video documentation and furthermore take still photographs. The consultant will also capture recommendations from partners on what needs to be improved or done differently if the project is to go to full implementation. The documentary should cover all the partners and selected Oxfam staff.

Ethical conduct and safeguarding

During content gathering, the consultant shall adhere to Oxfam ethical conduct; Data protection law and regulations, respect for diversity, gender, and safeguarding.


The consultant will provide:

  • A 5-minute documentary (with subtitles) as:

  • Exported Full HD (1920×1080px), high-bitrate (15-20Mbps) video files encoded using H264 compression in MP4 format with square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128kbps and,

  • Properly filled consent forms for ALL subjects.

  • 2 case studies capturing the outcomes and successes from the Uzima Project (1 per partner).

  • At least 30 High-quality photographs/stills on the same subject matter described in the “scope of work” section above (15 from each partner).

  • Photos must be delivered in a Hi-Res format e.g. (Tiff or a RAW equivalent of at least 10Mbs per photo) and not JPEGs, and fulfil the following additional usability criteria:

        • photographed from a variety of angles (e.g. wide and medium shots, close up portraits and extreme close ups. Strive to capture images with storytelling potential. Images that convey message of the project.
          – Properly filled consent forms for ALL photography subjects, including separate forms for each child.

Assignment Duration & Schedule

The producer will complete all deliverables by 30th April 2023.

Tax and VAT arrangements

Oxfam in Kenya will deduct withholding tax from the consultancy fees which will be in conformity with the prevailing government rates and submit the same to the Government of Kenya. The consultant will be entitled to a copy of the tax submission certificate on request.


Full payment of the sum to be paid upon submission of the final outputs/ and satisfactory completion of each assignment to the quality set out in the scope of work, incorporating suggestions and recommendations from Oxfam.

How to apply

Oxfam in Kenya invites individuals who meet the criteria to submit Expression of Interest that clearly articulates the consultant(s) understanding of the terms of reference, methodology for executing the work including key deliverables and tentative budget. Applicants should clearly indicate “Documentary Production on Outcomes and Lessons Learnt from the Community Led Mental Health Approaches Pilot Project” as the email subject.

Expression of Interests shall be sent to [email protected] no later than close of business on 27th March 2023. Only applicants who qualify will be contacted.

Deadline: 27 Mar 2023