External Evaluation of NRC Consortium’s Community-based Approach in Ajdabiya

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Norwegian Refugee Council

External Evaluation of NRC Consortium’s Community-based Approach in Ajdabiya

This project represents NRC and INTERSOS’ first initiative to collaborate together within a consortium framework to implement a community-based approach in Ajdabiya – a new intervention area.

With support from EUTF, NRC launched its first youth programming under this project to develop technical/soft-skills and increase socio- and economic wellbeing of youth, particularly migrants. Given the novelty of the project, partnership, and implementation approaches, an external evaluation has been integrated into the overall program design to analyse how the pilot community-based programming was implemented. This includes best practices adopted and challenges faced by the team in the implementation of activities.

Concretely, the learning will inform the potential scale-up of the program in Ajdabiya and beyond, as well as contribute to a broader durable solutions-based agenda in the context of Libya. The main evaluation objectives are summarized below:

  1. Analyze the attainment of project objectives, including factors that contributed or inhibited the achievement, as well as the outcome of the project’s outputs/activities.
  2. Capture lessons learnt based on enabling systems (policies and procedures), program tools, resources and capacities, communication and coordination (internal and external beyond the consortium structure) to provide structured feedback on any improvements and amendments of future strategies and interventions.
  3. Apply findings to bring about changes and improvement in practice to scale-up community-based approaches in similar contexts, with a focus on assisting non-Libyan populations.
  4. Assess the collaboration between NRC and INTERSOS, including the structures established for the partnership management.

Application deadline: September 25, 2022

Bids must include the following:

  • Proposal including, outline of evaluation and lessons learned workshop framework and methods, including comments on the TOR, proposed time frame and work plan (bids over 3 pages will be automatically excluded).
  • Proposed evaluation budget
  • Sample evaluation reports (up to two)
  • CVs

Submit completed bids to: [email protected].

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Closing date: 9/25/2022