Face to Face Recruitment Coordinator

International Rescue Committee

ob Overview

Face to Face (F2F) already plays a crucial role in sustainer acquisition at RESCUE in Sweden and is forecast to continue to grow in the coming years. Having launched our F2F business in Sweden in October 2021 we are now looking to take the business to the next level of growth and efficiency. The business is about recruiting regular, high-quality donors through, among other things, door knocking, street solicitation, commercial environments and events. The main focus is to recruit donors who will stay longer and do more for RESCUE. Together with our Face to Face Manager, you have a key role in maintaining building the business.

Your role will focus on two essential functions for the business, recruitment and administration. The first part is about ensuring that our team is fully staffed, to ensure that we can reach our goals and execute our plan. You will be responsible for everything related to the recruitment of new recruiters and their introduction. The second part of the role is about being responsible for all administration linked to the F2F staff, such as contracts, reporting and supporting salaries.

You will work closely with your colleagues in Sweden and will also be supported by our global team of experts in the field. You will report to our Face to Face Manager in Sweden.

Key Accountabilities

• Responsible for recruiting new fundraisers to RESCUE’s in-house F2F operations

• Find and develop new ways to recruit staff through, for example, different networks, events or search engines

• Organise and conduct interviews and assist with staff introductions and possible redundancies

• Continuously manage and secure work contracts for recruiters

• Work alongside team leaders to ensure schedules and planning

• Ensure routines and quality control for time reporting as a basis for salary

• Together with our Face to Face Manager ensure that the business is run efficiently and according to plan

Person Specification: Skills, Knowledge and Qualifications:

• Is analytical and enjoys working with numbers

• Is structured, organized and can work towards deadlines

• Is knowledgeable and comfortable with Word and Excel

• Self-motivated and likes to streamline, improve and solve problems

• Can express yourself well in speech and writing in both Swedish and English


• Has experience in recruitment, especially roles in sales/fundraising and similar.

• Has worked with administration and salaries

• Have worked in a coaching and/or supervisory role

• Have experience in recruitment and salary systems

• Previous experience working for a non-profit organization (meritorious)

• Experience with search systems (ATS), social media and statistic to attract talent (meritorious)

• Time-honored experience with Cornerstone and LinkedIn Recruiter (meritorious)

• Experience with keyword optimization and Salesforce (meritorious)

Candidates must stand behind RESCUE’s work and values.

Candidates must have the right to work in Sweden

How to apply

Please apply through our website