Finance and Administration Officer

International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

Job Purpose

  • To support the implementation of DRM program/project implementation by providing high quality support in finance, administration and reporting (financial) while contributing to the DRM department’s overall
  • To ensure IFRC and donor rules and regulations are adhered to and ensure close collaboration with the Country Cluster Delegation in Jakarta, the National Societies and potential additional
  • To work closely with PMI and CVTL on overall delivery of financial and administrative support related to DRM projects specifically for funding support from IFRC and related back donors. The Finance and Administration Officer will help ensure the right use of resources according to established agreed
  • To work closely with DRM team in IFRC CCD Jakarta, to understand the technical aspects of the DRM projects/programmes to improve the quality of financial reporting.Officer, Finance and Administration

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities for administration tasks:

  1. Prepare monthly Forecast, Requisition for goods and services, Staff Cash Advance Request, and Working Advance for National Society (WANS) Request for PMI, CVTL, and IFRC DRM Program Unit in accordance with the respective Project Agreement/Cash Request Letter/Terms of Reference/Budget Holder approval and submit to IFRC Finance Unit or into IFRC finance application system.
  2. Check and validate the accounting and budget codes for transactions or costs incurred in accordance with the approved project budgets
  3. Prepare and monitor the payment for consultants to ensure on time payment, which includes requesting invoicing from consultants based on the deliverables stated in Contract and Terms of Reference, preparing Request for Payment for the Consultants by completing all contractual supporting documents, validating accounting and budget codes, and submitting to IFRC Finance Unit or uploading into IFRC finance application system
  4. Store and maintain updated record of project financial related documents at Development Shared-Folder.
  5. Responsible on reviewing and submitting any DRM Program administrative and finance documents as per federation rules and system.

Responsibilities for Program Finance and Accounting tasks:

  1. Prepare and process the PMI and CVTL’s project financial settlements which includes:
  2. Preparing the journals of the PMI and CVTL’s project financial settlements.
  3. Verifying the eligible supporting documents for each transaction incurred according to the budget allocation for activities in the Project Agreement, and procedures/regulations of the PMI, CVTL, and IFRC for finance, procurement, and/or human resources.
  4. Liaising with the PMI and CVTL’s project finance focal point and their finance unit staff to ensure the availability of eligible supporting documents for settlements.
  5. Validating the accurate accounting and budget codes.
  6. Seeking for review from the IFRC Finance Unit on the project financial settlement and acting upon the feedback.
  7. Coordinating with and seeking for inputs from other project finance team to ensure a shared-approach and solution in dealing with certain issues of the project financial settlement
  8. Requesting approval from the respective Budget Holder for the financial settlement
  9. Submitting to IFRC Finance Unit or uploading the project financial settlement into IFRC finance application system.
  10. Prepare the settlement of Staff Cash Advance including validating the accounting and budget codes, requesting approval from the respective Budget Holder and submitting to IFRC Finance Unit or uploading the settlement into IFRC finance application system.
  11. Update the financial trackers of the following items on a weekly basis and work with the Line Manager on a monthly basis:
  12. PMI and CVTL’s Working Advance reporting status, project financial settlement progress, and due Working Advance report
  13. PMI and CVTL’s Budget versus Actual of the Line Manager/Program Manager
  14. Staff Cash Advance Settlement status
  15. Due invoice and payment status for consultants

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

Coordination, Communication and Knowledge management

  1. Work together with the Line Manager to conduct reconciliation with IFRC Finance Unit, PMI, and CVTL on the status of NS Working Advance and its settlements.
  2. Liaise with PMI and CVTL program and finance counterpart to request for due Working Advance reports along with the original hardcopy and softcopy of financial documents/invoices to be submitted to IFRC Finance Unit and verify that the original hard copy is consistent with the financial settlement accepted by the IFRC Finance Unit.
  3. Coordinate and maintain good relationship with PMI and CVTL program and finance counterparts to ensure proper verification of financial settlement and reconciliation of Working Advance and other project finance related matters.
  4. As a member of Finance Monitoring and Development section, collaborate with the team of project/program finance staff to ensure shared-approach in resolving any financial settlement issues with PMI and CVTL, proactively provide suggestions and solutions for improved finance mechanism, system, and interface in the IFRC delegation and with PMI and CVTL, provide recommendations and inputs to the Line Manager on potential risks of the project/programme implementation or finance procedures that may lead to potential loss to the overall operation if proper action is not taken.
  5. Support in providing mentoring/coaching/technical assistance related to finance management capacity building to both PMI and CVTL if required/needed


  • Professional/academic (Bachelor’s Degree) qualification in finance or accounting


  • 4-6 years of experience in a finance or accounting for projects
  • Experience working in a RC/RC National Society and/or IFRC/ICRC
  • Experience of working in the humanitarian or development sector with focus or responsibility in finance and accounting
  • Experience of working in a project management setting
  • Experience of working with IFRC accounting, administrative, procurement and logistic systems (Preferred)

Knowledge, Skills and Language

  • Advanced skills in computers (Windows, spreadsheets, word processing and accounting packages)
  • Experience of and ability to use manual accounting systems
  • Knowledge of logistics and procurement system/procedures
  • Knowledge of logistics and procurement system/procedures
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Knowledge and experience of CODA (Preferred)
  • Programme and project management experience including planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting (Preferred)

Competencies and Values

  • A high degree of competence in Teamwork; commitment to the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement; integrity & personal conduct; sensitivity to diversity; flexibility & adaptability; initiative & direction; interpersonal skills; resilience.

How to apply

Range of Salary for this position start from IDR 12,868,000 – 16,977,000

In order for us to assure a proper comparative evaluation of your application for this vacancy and to enable us to consider your profile against other similar current and future vacancies, we ask that applicants submit their applications together with a letter of motivation no later than 14 October 2022.

Important Note:

  • Please note that the selected candidate will be hired through a national contract under Indonesia labor law.
  • The incumbent is responsible to abide by Federation policies, procedures, plans and the applicable laws
  • The closing date is midnight Geneva time zone. Applications received after the closing date will not be considered;
  • Only those candidates shortlisted for interviews will be notified.

The position will be based in Jakarta thus Indonesian as well as foreign applicants with valid and current residence and work permits in Indonesia are encouraged to apply.

Apply by clicking this link

Closing date: 14-Oct-22