Food Security and Cash Transer Project Manager


DCA CAR Programme
DCA’s programme in the Central African Republic began in 2015 and focuses on helping to protect lives and dignity by reducing the impact of armed violence and conflict, thereby improving vulnerable individuals’ access to economic opportunities, psychosocial support and human rights. Programme activities include vouchers (for food), distribution of seeds and tools, cash for work, NFIs distribution, conflict prevention and peace building, income generating activities, psychosocial support, capacity building of national civil society organisations.


As part of the implementation of DCA’s mandate in CAR and the project “Emergency food security and response to essential non-food needs of the most vulnerable households in the sub-prefecture of Ippy, in the prefecture of Ouaka and Bria in the Haute Kotto in CAR” financed by DG ECHO, DCA is looking to recruit an Expert Project Manager in Food Security and Cash Transfer to be based in Ippy in CAR.

Under the supervision of the CAR Humanitarian Programme Manager, the ECHO Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating all activities related to the implementation of the ECHO project and providing technical support as a Food Security and Cash Transfer Expert to the field teams.

The Project Manager/Expert will be based in Ippy, Ouaka prefecture in the Central African Republic, and will travel frequently to the project area in Bria in Haute Kotto and Bambari where he/she will participate in humanitarian coordination and food security cluster meetings and Cash Transfer/ Durable Solutions working groups:

Core duties and responsibilities:

Project Management

  • Ensure compliance with standards, procedure and core value of the humanitarian sector,
  • Ensure the launching, supervision and management of all aspects of project management.
  • Ensure budgetary control of the project, while ensuring that procurement and expenditure plans are developed on time according to the action plans.
  • Ensure general supervision of project staff.
  • Develop effective systems for project implementation, management, monitoring, learning and evaluation.
  • Ensure that the security policy and procedures manual is understood and applied at all times by the project team.
  • Ensure, in collaboration with the Base Manager, the approval of accounting documents for the request of funds for activities and justification of same.
  • Ensure the sound management of the material and budget allocated to the project activities.
  • Ensure training of project staff on food security and livelihoods approaches, cash transfer modalities (cash and food stamps).
  • Ensure technical compliance of project implementation processes and approaches with respect to cash transfer and beneficiary selection issues.
  • Collect and document project success stories.
  • Ensure visibility of the project in all project implementation sites, including on all goods procured under the project.

Project Supervision

  • Develop project implementation strategies and ensure deadlines are met.
  • Supervise and monitor the overall project implementation activities.
  • Visit project activities regularly to identify gaps, ensure project effectiveness and efficiency and provide guidance and support to staff if need be.
  • Ensure continuous review and analysis of project activities in the field in order to realign them within planned objectives and incorporate necessary improvements.
  • Ensure coordination between the different axes of the project (Ippy – Bambari axis, Ippy – Atongo Bakari axis, Ippy – Ouaka axis, Ippy Centre and Bria centre).
  • Contribute to project proposals writing including concept notes for new formulations of food security and livelihoods projects in CAR.

Staff and partner Capacity building

  • Support and train project staff in the area of development and implementation of food security and livelihoods projects in an emergency context.
  • Provide technical support to the project team in the development and implementation of strategy that promote support to beneficiaries in the sustainable use of aid received.
  • Support the project team in structuring the beneficiaries (market garden kits and food seeds) for a sustainable revival of productive activities.
  • Train teams and partners on the management of hydro-agricultural structures and the sustainable development of modern market gardening sites.
  • Coordinate the implementation of activities to promote sustainable livelihoods.
  • Promote the emergence of vegetable producers’ groups/associations.
  • Develop organisational and managerial capacity building programmes for staff under your supervision and for producer associations/groups.
  • Ensure link between project activities plan and other DCA’s strategic plan at field level.
  • Ensure data collection and management of information related to food security and livelihoods sector.
  • Monitor the use of existing tools and develop/improve new training materials.
  • Implement strategies that guarantee sustainability of activities and economic empowerment/ self-sufficiency of beneficiaries.
  • Ensure the monitoring of the quality of the project’s achievements.
  • Establish a viable community-based system for managing the investments received under ECHO projects.

Supervision and Evaluation

  • Ensure that all project staff are recruited on time and that they each have a job description clearly defining his/her roles and responsibilities, and that this is known and understood by the person concerned.
  • Organise and monitor the daily work of the project team.
  • Evaluate the performance of the staff under his/her supervision and highlight their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discuss and work hand in hand with Base Manager, Humanitarian Programme Manager and the HR department to address contentious HR issues and take disciplinary action if necessary.

Budget Monitoring and controls

  • Monitor Project expenditure in accordance with the established expenditure plan and the rules of ECHO and DCA.
  • Ensure that financial, administrative and logistics procedures are in place and followed by staff.
  • Analyse financial reports and discuss any necessary adjustments with the Humanitarian Programme Manager before submission to the Finance team, Head of Programme and donors.

Survey/Monitoring and Impact Assessment

  • Lead and ensure the project post-distribution surveys and monitoring.
  • Set up mechanism for proximity monitoring and analysis of the effects/impacts of the project on the affected population and target groups using a Graduation approaches.
  • Conduct regular analysis of project impacts on local markets, beneficiaries’ vulnerability using PDMs and other relevant studies, etc.
  • Analyse and monitor key parameters of food security and livelihoods of beneficiaries.
  • Ensure compliance with standards, norms on sectoral procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with basic humanitarian standards and community accountability.

Reports writing and Submission

  • Develop/provide tools that easy the process of gathering project achievements and obtaining necessary verification sources for the project.
  • Develop and submit detailed monthly and quarterly reports for the project.
  • Support and ensure the quality of interim and final technical reports to be submitted to donors.
  • Organise field visits (coordination, institutional, evaluators, donors…).
  • Ensure that project staff have all project documents (Narrative, Budget, IPIA…) and reporting template.
  • Lead and oversee the collection and compilation of project reports for all planned activities.
  • Work together with the Database Manager/Coupons for the revision and consolidation of activity reports.

Project cycle Management

  • Contribute to joint initiatives on humanitarian needs analyses in DCA intervention areas.
  • Co-prepare and participate in the capitalisation exercise of the food security and livelihoods sector activities.
  • Contribute to internal and external evaluations.
  • Contribute to sectoral planning and humanitarian strategy development for DCA in CAR.
  • Contribute to the development of new project proposals.
  • Ensure project is implemented in accordance with fundamental humanitarian and accountability principles.

Logistics, Human Resources and Administration

  • Ensure all project processes and procedures are albeit too and documented (programme, logistics, human resources/administration, finance).
  • Ensure the use of management tools made available to the project.
  • In collaboration with Base Manager, monitor the quality and quantity of materials received, the receipt and storage of materials and equipment provided for project needs.
  • Ensure the efficient management of the resources made available to the team.
  • Facilitate and promote communication and participation of all stakeholders.
  • Ensure budget monitoring in coordination with the finance team.

Management of safety and security in the project area

  • In close collaboration with the Security and Logistics Officer based in Bangui, ensure that all DCA staff under your responsibility respect the security guidelines in place and understand their individual and collective security and safety responsibilities.
  • Follow up and inform your hierarchy and the Security Officer on the operational environment of the project and any changes or threats that need potential actions.


Qualifications required

  • University degree (BAC+5) in Agronomy, Rural Development, Socioeconomics, Public Health or equivalent degree
  • At least 4 years of proven expertise in the field of cash transfer and impact analysis of food security and livelihood interventions on affected communities.
  • Proven field experience in managing food security, livelihoods and cash transfer projects with other international NGOs is an advantage.
  • At least 4 years’ experience in project cycle management.
  • Good knowledge on sustainable livelihoods’ framework
  • Experience of working in the CAR or similar context is an asset.
  • Knowledge of French and English is mandatory, and Speaking Sango is an asset,
  • Skills: Adaptability (including security issues), autonomy, organisational and planning skills, initiative and team spirit, leadership and team management, communication, pedagogical, analytical, synthesis and writing skills.
  • Computer skills: Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, data processing (SPSS, sphinx, etc.), Red Rose…

Key Deliverables

  • Oversee and manage effectively and efficiently the ECHO project and share/ document learning with the Humanitarian Programme Manager and donors.
  • Prepare accurate and professional reports including progress of activities, level of outcome indicators and achievement of project objectives.
  • Participate in all relevant coordination and food security and cash transfer monitoring meetings in the project area and if needed nationally.
  • Work hand in hand with Humanitarian Programme Manager to deliver on the project and communicate all project relevant information in due course for action.

We offer:

  • This is a 6-month contract with possibility of renewal;
  • A competitive salary package;
  • 2.5 days of paid annual leave per month;
  • A generous R&R allowance;
  • Insurance as per industry standards;
  • An interesting and challenging experience addressing humanitarian needs.

Please upload your application no later than January 13th 2023 on our recruitment portal: Food Security and Cash Transer Project Manager I DanchurchAid (
We expect to see the right candidate start on the 1st of February 2023 – even earlier if possible.

Work related travels are expected in this position.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, abilities or ethnic affiliation are encouraged to apply for the vacancy. DCA conducts an anti-terror check as part of the recruitment process. It is a prerequisite that you can pass this check and maintain this status throughout your employment with us. Everyone applying for a job with DCA must be ready to comply with our Staff Policy on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment and our Child Safeguarding Policy.

How to apply

Please upload your application no later than January 13th 2023 on our recruitment portal: Food Security and Cash Transer Project Manager I DanchurchAid (

Closing date: 13 Jan 2023