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Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid is a right-based organisation with 70 years of experience and operations in 12 countries. FCA is Finland’s largest NGO working in development cooperation and second largest provider of disaster relief. We work in development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy, guided by international human rights standards and principles. We contribute to positive change by supporting people in the most vulnerable situations within fragile and disaster-affected areas. We consider three thematic areas as central to sustainable change: the right to peace (R2P), livelihood (R2L) and quality education (R2QE).

FCA Kenya is implementing a Creative Industries (CI) project, a continuation of the creative industries program pilot in Kampala, Uganda in 2020, projects in Uganda in 2021, and the digital competency program (DCP) & Creative Industry project in Nairobi. The project is focusing on digital creative industries such as animation, game development, graphic design, web design and digital marketing. This will contribute to the realization of basic human rights such as the right to life with a decent source of livelihood and the right to education. FCA Kenya will work with the youth ages 18-35 years both men and women in this project and engage the local administrators in the project area. The project is based at St. Philips parish and community centre in Jericho, Nairobi.Setting up the project in St. Philip’s parish in Jericho enables FCA to systematically develop the centre to become an important hub in Eastlands for digital creative industries trainings. The proposed Creative Industries program is aligned with FCA’s Right to Livelihood (R2L) strategy supporting marginalized groups in gaining meaningful employment. This will in turn ensure that these groups have a reliable and sustainable source of livelihood. The Creative Industries project would be an important avenue for these youths including PWD’s to earn hands-on skills that will help them to employ themselves and become entrepreneurs in the future. The right holders who benefit from the program will also impart the skills acquired to others who may not have the opportunity to participate in the trainings.


  • Deliver outstanding training and coaching sessions to groups of learners in Graphic Design
  • Provide employability training on widening learners job horizon and identifying business and employment opportunities.
  • Teach the learners a broad range of training to increase their skills and readiness to work as Graphic Designers.
  • Actively support, mentor and motivate learners across the learner journey to help them with the timely completion of their learning aims and qualification.
  • Identify learner’s strengths and weakness through an initial assessment and support them accordingly
  • Provide insightful, constructive, and informative feedback to help the learner maximize their potential.
  • Deliver outstanding learning, using creative learning strategies that will inspire and engage students to reach their full potential
  • Manage any learner progress issues in line with the business expectations.
  • Proactively monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of own workload and working practices to ensure deadlines and targets are met and that the learner has an outstanding experience.
  • Support in overall program development and establishment of relevant private sector partnerships
  • Linkage of trainees with industry players for exposure and learning.

How to apply

For the full RFP which includes the instructions for the preparation and submission of the proposal, the rules that govern the application process and the relevant forms please do write an email to [email protected]

For all enquires, we ask that you clearly state in the subject line of the email “Enquiry – Graphic Design Trainer” and the area of concern in the body.

All proposals must be submitted by mail and please state in the subject line “Graphic Design Trainer Consultant”. All applications must be received no later than 17:00 hours on March 21st, 2023.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

Deadline: 21 Mar 2023