Identifying challenges in implementing the Washington Group of Questionnaire (WGQ)

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Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion


1.1 HI Cox’s Bazar-Bangladesh Programme

HI has been operational in Bangladesh since 1997, implementing emergency and development actions aimed at improving the protection, quality of life, and promotion of rights of vulnerable individuals, including people with disabilities. HI’s current operations are centered Northern (Kurigram) and Southern parts (Cox’s Bazar). Currently, HI’s major operation is located in FDMN (Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National/Rohingya refugee in a) camp in Cox Bazar with 3 field offices; Cox, Ukhiya, and Teknaf. HI, Bangladesh country strategy/start-up (2021-2023) with one of the great focuses to create an operational balance between developmental and emergency operations; hence while maintaining the current emergency operation in Cox Bazar; HI is also extensively working to further expand the programme to others part of the country including host community of Cox’s Bazar. HI, current operation in Bangladesh mainly includes disability-inclusive extreme poverty graduation project, Inclusive Sports and Recreation, Health and Rehabilitation, Protection and MHPSS, Inclusive Humanitarian Action, Inclusive Education, and Atlas Logistic (H2H logistic support), etc and operation is currently funded by BPRM, UNHCR, WFP, UNICEF, ECHO, HI Federation.


HI is seeking consultancy service on identifying good practices and challenges for humanitarian actors in implementing the Washington Group of Questionnaire (WGQ) in inclusive data collection

  • Provide a details assessment report: a) good practices in implementing WGQ b) challenges in implementing the Washington Group of Questionnaire (WGQ; different sets of questions) with different stakeholders and partners in the humanitarian context, Cox’s Bazar.
  • Present the study findings at sector (health, WASH, Protection, Food security, education etc.) level stakeholders
  • Develop concrete recommendations for stakeholders and partners to translate assessment findings into actions
  • Develop a comprehensive training material on the basis of the finding of the details assessment and set of action, organize and facilitate 2 days of training sessions on WGQ for the Humanitarian stakeholders (mid and senior-level staff)

Therefore, the broader objective of this intervention is to identify gaps, challenges and achievements in collecting and analyzing the disability disaggregated data through WGQ and ensure all the partners will successfully exercise this tool through sensitization, capacity building training and as required.


  • At least 4-5 years (s) of working experience in the humanitarian context, MEAL and Washington Group questionnaires (different sets of questions).

  • Demonstrable experience conducting assessments (KII and FGD) and undertaking data collection

  • Strong experience in capacity building preferably in disability-inclusive data collection using WGQ

  • Contextual experience

    • Knowledge of Humanitarian & Development sectors
    • Knowledge of the relevant Area (according to the Lot for which the consultant is offering services)
  • Working &/or living experience with persons with disabilities and strong knowledge of disability, inclusion, and humanitarian issues in Bangladesh Previous experience organizing and facilitating training on WGQ for Humanitarian Actors

  • Cross-cutting skills

    • Good Computer skills
    • Fully fluent in English and Bangla
    • Good communication (right-based and context-appropriate words) with respective stakeholders and community
    • Capacity and willingness to travel to affiliated projects’ coverage areas for site assessment visits, supervision and monitoring
    1. Mode:

A consultant conducts preliminary interviews with key focal persons of humanitarian actors in-person mode. Consultants also have to visit physically the camps to see the practice and collect the necessary information from the direct user.

5. Responsibility of consultant:

  • Interviews with focal persons of the organizations (total 30 organizations) who are using/not using WGQ. Targeting to conduct interviews with 20 organizations already using WGQ and 10 organizations not applying WGQ in data collection.
  • Field observation as agreed (after the interview cross-check/observe the information at field level practices)
  • Share draft report to HI
  • Share beneficiary data and relevant documents to HI collected during the study
  • Organize a dissemination workshop and present the finding among Humanitarian actors
  • Develop a final report with recommendations based on the gaps & findings

6. Responsibility of HI:

  • To coordinate with humanitarian actors as needed
  • To provide relevant materials (evaluation report, training report, tools and template), and contact details to the consultant
  • To help in camp access (approval from RRRC or other administrative processes) if needed.


  • Duration 25th Jan 2023 to 28th Feb 2023 (Approx.: 20 working days) and place of services shall be in Teknaf, Ukhiya and Cox’s Bazar.


  • HI will provide orientation on the work and deliverables. The consultant will present the final tools and methodology of data collection – 1 Day
  • Consultant will visit at least 30 humanitarian actors for collection of necessary information – 7 days
  • At least 4 field visits to observe the practice and collect information (data collection templates – household survey, need assessment, beneficiary identification and reporting templates) -from direct users – 4 days
  • Develop report – 2 days
  • Accommodate HI feedback – 1 day
  • Presentation of final report with humanitarian actors including ISCG, ADWG etc – 1 day.
  • Organize and facilitate training sessions on WGQ – 3 days (1/2 day preparation, 2 days facilitation and ½ day training report development)
  • Develop and share final report following feedback of sharing meeting- 1 day


The consultant is expected to deliver the following outputs at the end of the assignment:

  • An Inception report specifying the proposed methodology, an action plan, data collection tools & techniques. This inception report needs to be validated by the committee members
  • An analytical report focusing on the uses of WGQ in a humanitarian setting & also collected data need to be shared with HI
  • Presentation of key findings & recommendation
  • Organization and facilitation of 2 days of training sessions on WGQ


20% payment from the total amount will be done after submission of the inception report & rest of the 80% payment will be done after completion of the assignment & validation of the report by HI .

***Caution:***please note that the last payment is conditional on the validation of the final report and not on the sending of the final report. By validation, we mean validation of the quality and under no circumstances of the appreciation of the job done.

Minimum technical requirements are as follow

  1. Fluency in English and Bangla
  2. At least 4-5 years (s) of working experience in data collection and analysis in emergency and humanitarian context, MEAL and Washington Group questionnaires (different set of questions).
  3. Working &/or living experience with persons with disabilities and strong knowledge of disability, inclusion, and development issues in Bangladesh

Applications that do not meet the minimum technical requirements will be considered technically non-compliant and will not be evaluated further

Technical Offer must Include:

  1. Methodology
  2. Work Plan & Time Frame
  3. Supporting Documents for the experience that he /she is mentioning on the offer. Score will be given on the weight scale analysis following the supporting experience documents shared from bidder end

Comparative Evaluation

Selection criteria for applications meeting administrative and technical minimum requirements are as follow. Based on the score the shortlisted participants can be interview based on the working ground mentioned above .

  • Price- 30 % weight
  • Qualification – 70% weight

    • 20% Experience in different set WGQ using in MEAL system (have good understanding on WGQ particularly WGQ-SS, data collection and analyzing skills of collected data through WGQ) –

Have Supporting documents showing experience on WGQ-SS, WGQ Child function Model & WGQ details – 20

Have Supporting documents showing experience on 2 of these 3 methods – 15

Have Supporting documents showing experience on 1 of these 3 methods -10

    • 20% Experiences in conducting assessments and undertaking data collection.

Have4 or more Supporting documents showing this experience – 20

Have 3 Supporting documents showing this experience -15

Have 2 Supporting documents showing this experience -10

Have 1 Supporting documents showing this experience 5

    • 10% Experience in developing details assessment report

Have 2 Supporting documents showing this experience -10

Have 1 Supporting documents showing this experience 5

    • 10% Experience and knowledge on Disability Inclusion

Have 2 Supporting documents showing this experience -10

Have 2 Supporting documents showing this experience – 5

    • 10% Experience and knowledge on emergency and Humanitarian sector

Have 2 Supporting documents showing this experience & 1 in Cox’sBzar Rohingya Camps -10

Have 2 Supporting documents showing this experience but no experience working in onhingya Camps- 5

Have 1 Supporting documents showing this experience at anywhere in Bangladesh – 5

How to apply

Application process

  • Interested applicant(s) should email Cover letter and CV (maximum 4 pages; with references), VAT & TIN Registration Copy, NID copy.
  • If it is company then need to share the profile(s) and documentation of legal status, and registration as a Company (Trade License)
  • Bank Solvency Certificate (For both either company or individual) – Optional
  • Insurance certificate (For both either company or individual)- Optional
  • Applicants must have to share technical & financial offer technical proposal (maximum 10 pages) including the proposed methodologies and proposed schedule
  • Applicants will have to share documents showing their experience on the filed mentioned above
  • The financial proposal should cover all the necessary costs
  • Quoted price must be including VAT & TAX following the govt rule. If there is any amount which will be excluding vat & tax it should be shown with necessary breakdown.
  • Payment Condition should be clearly mentioned on the financial offer
  • Bank details: name of the account, Bank name, branch, swift code etc.
  • Proposal must be submitted in BDT
  • Consultants that meet the requirements should submit Technical and Financial Proposal by 29/12/2022 (11.59 PM)

Applications that do not include the above will be considered administratively non-compliant and will not be evaluated further

Physical Bid Submission addresses:

    • Proposals to be submitted to Handicap International Cox’sBazar Site office, Sayeman Heritage Residence , Building-2, Floor-2, Sayemna Road , Cox’sBazar – The envelope should clearly indicate the Invitation to tender reference as per below:

Identifying challenges on implementing the Washington Group of Questionnaire (WGQ)”

    • All documentation submitted should be done in their own clearly labelled envelopes (e.g., technical proposal, financial proposal, Legal Documents etc.), which are submitted in one single envelope as detailed above.


Online Bid Submission addresses:

Send a digital file in the form of an email* sent to the dedicated email address: [email protected] ; with the tender reference “Identifying challenges on implementing the Washington Group of Questionnaire (WGQ)” in the subject).

*If the file is too big to fit into 1 email (limit 15MB per email), bidder should split the submission into multiple emails. Please include numbering also in the subject.

HI is committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults from harm. All consultants will be expected to comply with the child Protection and other Policies. Applicants for this position will be assessed regarding their suitability to work with children and vulnerable adults.

Humanity & Inclusion encourages qualified Consultants with disabilities or chronic illness and women to apply. HI commits to providing equal opportunities to all qualified applicants, regardless of nationality, gender, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including people with disabilities.