MEAL Expert

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  • Italy
  • TBD USD / Year
  • Salary: TBD

Save the Children

AREA International Programmes – Department of Technical Support and Programme Quality


CONTRACT TYPE (collaborazione coordinata e continuativa)

CONTRACT LENGHT 6 months (eventually renewable for additional 3 months)

ANNUAL SALARY 29.000 – 31.000 €


The MEAL Expert will contribute to improving programme quality in SC IT through MEAL, by supporting the development and implementation of MEAL components in the international programme portfolio, and organizational MEAL processes in line with SC Italy’s 2022-2024 Strategy and programmatic objectives.


Contribute to ensuring quality, consistency, and coherence of SC IT international programmes through MEAL:

In proposal development:

Support the design and adequate resourcing of MEAL components in proposal development, in alignment with 2022-2024 Save the Children Italy’s strategic priorities and according to the needs identified with the MEAL Manager. In particular:

  • Support the identification and adequate integration of appropriate CORE indicators included in SC New Global Indicator List and SC Italy’s list of Common Thematic Indicators.
  • Support the definition of MEAL plans, including monitoring mechanisms and data collection tools; baseline and evaluation studies; accountability mechanisms and learning components.
  • Support the identification and integration of Technology for Development (T4D) opportunities related to MEAL, where relevant.
  • Support the definition of MEAL frameworks in particular in innovative programming and in activities funded through transformative partnerships.

In project implementation:

Advise and provide technical support to COs on the implementation of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning components, including on:

  • Performance Indicators Reference Sheet (PIRS), data collection methods and tools, information management, indicator tracking and project reporting, including on SC Italy’s CORE indicators as required.
  • Provide support in project baseline and evaluation studies throughout the evaluation cycle in all relevant phases as defined with COs at the process outset, including by ensuring systematic adherence to centralized guidance docs and procedures, sharing templates and available tools at the planning stage; reviewing TORs, inception reports and draft evaluation reports to ensure quality and rigour in the process.
  • Support the development of learning agendas, and knowledge sharing activities with relevant teams.
  • Collect and organize existing internal and key external MEAL tools and resources, and share them as needed.
  • Contribute to strengthening MEAL capacity in the field through field missions, dedicated remote support, training and resource sharing as needed and where possible.
  • Support country teams in the use of PMM PRIME as related to logframe finalization, PIRS definition, and indicator performance tracking in line with indicators quality standards and PMM PRIME requirements.

Save the Children Italy’s 2022-2024 Programmatic Objectives

Contribute to SC Italy’s Evidence and Learning and Digital and Data objectives, including:

  • Supporting systematic analysis on evaluation quality through review of evaluation report quality scoring results and identification of common trends related to thematic and geographic areas.
  • Contributing to producing flexible and user-friendly dashboards (Microsoft PowerBI) to ensure availability of high-quality analysis of data.
  • Contributing to generating evidence on innovative approaches developed by SC Italy’s technical team, or Common Approaches.

Save the Children Italy’s 2022-2024 Strategic Initiatives

  • Support the implementation of the MEAL component in the Resilient Economic Development (RED) Gains strategic initiative led by the Senior Food Security & Livelihoods Advisor. In particular:
  • Provide support in project mid-term (MTE) evaluation both in the design and implementation phases to be conducted in line with the evaluation component implemented in partnership with the Bocconi LEAP, and support the management response to evaluation recommendations. In particular, following the MTE recommendations, support the CO in identifying corrective actions and changes to the project strategy likely to strengthen its effectiveness, and facilitate a workshop in country to revise the programme Theory of Change as necessary.
  • Support the Malawi CO in regular monitoring and reporting efforts.
  • Ensure implementation of the RED Malawi learning agenda and be responsible for disseminating findings to relevant audiences.
  • Advise on the use of learning to inspire the adaptation of the RED to different context in the framework of new programme development activities.
  • Support the implementation of the MEAL component for the Case Management strategic initiative led by the Senior Child Protection Advisor. In particular:
  • Provide support in evidence and learning generation in the framework of the revised Steps to Protect Toolkit piloting and further expansion.


  • Involvement in at least two proposals every month
  • At least 5 projects under implementation supported
  • MEAL components of Strategic Initiatives RED (FSL) and Case Management (CP) implemented
  • RED Mid Term Evaluation and management response finalized
  • RED Theory of Change revised in line with MTE recommendations and learning (possible mission to Malawi)
  • Steps to Protect Toolkit piloting, revision and scale up informed by structured evidence and learning activities
  • SC Italy’s CORE indicators integrated in project proposals and PRIME where applicable, and measurement and reporting guidance provided
  • Evaluation guidance, resources and training materials disseminated to SC Italy tier 1 and 2 countries as appropriate


  • At least 3/4 project proposals supported
  • At least 4/5 projects under implementation supported every year
  • One field visits conducted in Malawi, depending on pandemic evolution, and one possible field visit conducted within the framework of the Case Management strategic initiative
  • RED Mid Term Evaluation TOR and data collection tools finalized in collaboration with CO and Bocconi LEAP
  • RED progress report reviewed and in line with indicator reporting requirements
  • Evidence and learning plan for Case Management Toolkit scale up developed and rolled out
  • Evaluation quality scoring review conducted on SC Italy tier 1 and 2 countries, with analysis on gaps emerging across themes, countries and evaluation components made available through dynamic reporting


  • Master’s degree in social sciences, economics, statistics or other relevant area
  • Extensive experience (minimum 3 years) in Monitoring and Evaluation and MEAL related work
  • Ability to work both in a hands-on implementation and advisory capacity
  • Significant experience in designing and managing assessments and evaluations (at least 3 years)
  • Previous experience in designing and conducting impact assessments
  • Demonstrated strong monitoring and evaluation skills, including setting up and providing technical advice to M&E systems and plans, databases, and data collection tools.
  • Experience establishing systems of community participation and accountability
  • Ability to write clear and effective assessment and project reports with high level of written and spoken English
  • Experience of contributing to successful funding proposals for donors
  • Proficiency with data management and data analysis
  • Availability to travel
  • Previous experience in an International NGO
  • Fluency in English and Italian, both written and verbal


  • Capacity to relate to a different range of internal and external stakeholders
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing context
  • Pragmatic/solutions oriented/problem solver yet having strong analytical skills
  • Strong team player
  • Able to work effectively with others towards the achievement of common objectives
  • Commitment to Save the Children’s values

How to apply

Closing date: 9/25/2022