MOLDOVA Country Manager

Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion


HI is re-opening a two-country program covering Ukraine and Moldova. In Ukraine, HI aims at intervening in the West and East of the country, adapting modalities of intervention to the various and diverging contexts of implementation. Aligning itself with the priorities of the Ukraine Flash Appeal HI pillars of interventions are the following:

  • Health: HI aims to improve access to quality physical rehabilitation and mental health and psychosocial services (MHPSS) for conflict-affected vulnerable population. HI will conduct direct health service provision to persons with injuries or disabilities while also strengthening the capacity of existing health structures.
  • Protection: Recent and ongoing attacks having dangerously exacerbated Explosive Ordnance (EO) contamination in Ukraine, HI will conduct a multi-pronged approach to EO risk education, adaptable to the evolution of the conflict and humanitarian.

In addition, HI will not only ensure that persons with disabilities are receiving tailored services throughout its intervention, but will also foster a disability- inclusive humanitarian response.

  • Basic needs: to respond to the most acute needs for displaced households hosted by the local population or living in collective centers, HI will ensure they have access to sufficient and appropriate hygiene and Non-Food Items (NFI), including tailored items responding to the specific needs of infants, elderly people and persons with disabilities. To this extend, HI will tailor its intervention modalities upon household needs whilst considering local market capacities in various geographical areas. An approach including in-kind donations, vouchers and/or cash-based transfer will be designed at early stage of the project, in line with the evolution of the specific context
  • Humanitarian-to-humanitarian logistics: HI will propose to emergency stakeholders mutualized storage and transportation to ensure delivery of emergency in-kinds as close as possible to the most affected populations.

Given the serious concerns pertaining to persons with disabilities who are faced with increased risks of abandonment, violence, injury and death, HI has also launched an assessment to identify the main risks and barriers for these vulnerable persons as well as their support persons and families focusing on areas of risks, i.e. Institutions, specifically in but not limited to the East.

In Moldova, with arrivals increasing rapidly in Moldova, authorities are stretched to the limit and have asked for urgent support including on: MHPSS assistance, social assistance mechanisms and targeting of assistance (likely via cash-based transfers), protection, including monitoring of gender-based violence (GBV) and referral. Based on its current analysis of the needs, HI aims at:

  • Improving access to quality health and protection services for conflict-affected vulnerable populations
  • Fostering disability-inclusive humanitarian response through evidence-based advocacy and capacity building of humanitarian actors and coordination mechanisms

HI is looking for a country manager to set-up, structure and develop emergency intervention and program in Moldova.


Reporting to the Program Director, the Country Manager’s main responsibilities are:

  • Management : Team of 25 – 30 persons (national and international)
    • Manager as a role model: embody HI’s values on a daily basis, and be a role model
    • Manager as a coach for meaning: understand the strategy, make it explicit, translate it into operational objectives for his or her team, lead the necessary changes. Give meaning to each management action. Encourage inter and intra departmental exchanges of practice. Encourage innovation and risk-taking
    • Operational manager: organize the operational management of his or her team, structure the work around identified processes, steer performance and facilitate the resolution of problems
    • First HR & Coach: contribute to the development of his or her staff, creating the conditions for their commitment, professionalism and attachment to HI. Ensure compliance with the code of conduct and institutional policies, the mindset and expected individual and collective behavior.
  • Strategy and steering :
    • You contribute to the development of the program operational strategy, and to its implementation and annual monitoring in the country
    • You implement the project part of the Program’s Operational Strategy
    • You contribute to organizational transformation, particularly through changes to managerial practices, continuous improvement, and contribute to the improvement of working processes
  • Standards and expertise Ensure deployment and compliance with HI global frameworks, institutional policies and standards
  • Operational implementation :
    • You ensure the sound management and monitoring of projects
    • You keep both potential opportunities and risks in mind, contribute to the monitoring and analysis done by the line manager, and propose mitigation measures where relevant
    • You act as the legal representative for the whole of HI internally and externally, and foster an excellent reputation and positive image of HI in the country
    • You develop HI’s external influence (forums, operational and strategic alliances, etc) and the external representation of the organization (events, media) in the country
    • You coordinate the teams in the country
    • You support the Program Director in monitoring security in the country and ensure adequate resources according to the context
  • Emergency preparedness and response


  • You have experience in program, country management, proven experience in operational management and experience in risk & security management
  • Experience in challenging humanitarian contexts, in emergency response and exploration/base opening is a strong asset.
  • You have experience in management and leadership of multi-cultural and multi-sector teams, on-site and remotely
  • You are capable to negotiate and represent HI internally and externally, network and fundraise
  • Oral and written English is mandatory.


At HI, the conditions offered are up to your commitment and adapted to the context of your mission.

  • 6 months International contract starting from July 2022
  • The international contract provides social cover adapted to your situation:
    • Unemployment insurance benefits for EU nationals
    • Pension scheme adapted to the situation of our employees
    • Medical coverage with 50% of employee contribution ; Repatriation insurance paid by HI
  • Salary from 2980 € gross/month upon experience ; Perdiem: 650 € net/month – paid in the field
  • Paid leaves: 25 days per year; R&R: every 8 weeks
    • Unaccompanied position : Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa)
    • Housing: Collective taken in charge by HI

How to apply


Only online by joining a CV and cover letter via the following link :

Noting that Closing date is 31-Jul-22