INTERSOS is an independent humanitarian organization that assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and exclusion. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable people.

Terms of reference


Code: SR-00-2632

Duty station: 70% field, 30% HQ

Starting date: 17/10/2022

Contract duration: 12 MONTHS

Reporting to: Head Medical Unit

Supervision of: Pharmacy Manager

Dependents: Non-family duty station

General context of the project

INTERSOS is an International Humanitarian Organisation based in Rome. The organisational structure comprises the general director’s office, the Departments of Programmes, Finance, Logistics/ICT, Fundraising/Communication, Human Resources, and the Internal Audit office. INTERSOS is operational in 17 countries with over 2500 national and international staff worldwide.

INTERSOS assists the victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts, and exclusion. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, respect for diversity and coexistence, and paying special attention to the most vulnerable people.

The present organisational structure of INTERSOS Programmes Department is made of a team of one Director of Programmes, Regional Directors, Deputy Regional Directors, a Protection team, the Medical Unit, and the Emergency Unit.

General purpose of the position

Oversee quality and proper organisation of the entire medical supply process, proper management of the medical stock in the different missions, and in close collaboration with Pharmacy Managers and Medical and Logistics departments, the correct usage of medicines and medical materials, according to INTERSOS health policies and protocols (SOP37 and SOP39) and national and international laws, in order to ensure the quality medical care for patients and their communities and to improve the health condition of the population​

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • Collaborate with the missions medical teams contributing to discussions on the running of missions and the definition of objectives.
  • Participate in planning and setting-up of new pharmacies in the countries and in support of the missions, overview the drawing up and revision of the pharmaceutical budget.
  • Travel to the different missions to supervise and monitor activities linked to the pharmacy
  • Provide technical support to the Pharmacy Managers on pharmaceutical issues (opinion on legislation, pharmacological information, etc.) and overview the sharing of relevant information to the medical team (clinical information, use of medicines, side effects, adherence, etc.).
  • Support the Pharmacist Managers in defining, organizing and managing the stock pre-positioned in the capital and in ensuring information flow to the other members of the team concerning stock levels, pharmacy management and prescriptions
  • Ensure the collaboration of the Pharmacy Manager with the Medical Coordinator and the Logistics Coordinator to guarantee the existence and smooth running of supply processes for medicines and medical materials in the mission. In the event of local purchases, guarantee adherence to INTERSOS recommendations and the information circuits to be followed.
  • Overview rational use of medicines and pharmaceutical products (prescriptions). Ensure appropriate support from Pharmacy Manager to effective collection of data for monitoring and surveillance of optimal quantity and quality of medicine use, follow up of pharmaceutical care plans, patient counselling, good dispensing practices and safe medication practices
  • Overview that in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator, is ensured the good distribution and storage practices for pharmaceutical projects, including proper cold chain management and maintenance and transport conditions.
  • Ensure that missions pharmacies are organized and managed properly and that the drugs management are in line with international and national legislation, enabling the traceability of products.
  • Guarantee that donations and destruction of expired medicines are in conformity with international and national procedures, as well as the emergency stock and emergency boxes
  • Guarantee the collaboration of the Pharmacist Managers with the logistics teams for the customs clearance procedures of medical orders, and with the Medical Coordinators to consolidate, plan and monitor medical orders (including budgeting with the finance and logistics teams) and to obtain import authorisations from the national authorities
  • Contribute to the analysis of performance indicators and of medical reports, analysing consumption statistics, monthly data and any other data and indicators.
  • Supervise the system for checking alignment between consumption and prescriptions and for collecting and analysing information relating to undesirable side effects of medicines and medical
  • Support the Pharmacist Managers in collaborating with the HR department to plan, define and size the health-workforce in the mission and supervising the associated processes (recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication).
  • Overview that the HR Managers ensure that new staff members hired are given a proper explanation of their role and information on the mission general and specific objectives and activities linked to the pharmacy. Organise and lead regular meetings with Pharmacist Managers
  • Support in the implementation/revision/update of INTERSOS pharmacy management SOP in order to ensure the respect of the international standard through the application of the guidelines
  • Assess, review and train the staffs on the global pharmaceutical indicators to ensure the quality of the pharmaceutical items, consumables and medical equipment purchase of the health programs
  • In collaboration with Logistic department and Medical Unit support the integration of the Inventory Management System in mission when applicable
  • Prepare the process of donation, destruction and disposal of drugs according to donor regulations
  • Support the kickoff of the process of of local suppliers assessment and provide feedback to the dossier prepared by the mission according to INTERSOS regulation
  • Support and coordinate with Logistics department for the implementation of environmental policies regarding the waste management and disposal of pharmaceuticals items, consumables and medical equipment
  • Mapping and identify all sectorial sub cluster or fora related to pharmacy management and supply and participate as INTERSOS representative
  • Represents INTERSOS with QUAMED and actively participates in QUAMED meetings

Required profile and experience


  • Advanced university degree in pharmacy

Professional Experience

  • Minimum 2 years relevant work experience in the humanitarian context

Professional Requirements

  • Experience in developing countries
  • Experience in management
  • Experience with different donors compliance and reporting desirable


  • English and French mandatory, Spanish desirable

Personal Requirements

  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
  • Understanding of humanitarian operations principles, standards and best practices
  • Strategic vision
  • Leadership and planning
  • People management and development
  • Behavioural flexibility
  • Commitment to INTERSOS principles

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to apply following the link below:

Please note that our application process is made of 3 quick steps: register (including your name, email, password, citizenship and Skype address), sign-up and apply by attaching your CV and motivation letter in PDF format. Through the platform, candidates will be able to track their applications’ history with INTERSOS. In case you encounter severe difficulties applying through the platform, you can send an email attaching your CV and motivation letter (both in PDF version) via email to [email protected], with subject line: “Platform issue – SR-00-2632-Position”.

Please also mention the name, position and contact details of at least two references, including the line manager during your last job. Family members are to be excluded.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.

Closing date: 9/29/2022