Program Assistant, Institutional Learning Team

Search for Common Ground

The Institutional Learning Team is composed of a global technical team working to support quality of the evidence Search’s programs generate across the world, promote best practices in research, learning, and evaluation, and contribute learning in partnership with other organizations for the broader field. The Institutional Learning Team has also developed platforms for innovation and sharing to elevate a diverse set of voices to lead in our field through DME for Peace and several communities of practice. The team is led by the Director of the Institutional Learning Team under the leadership of the Vice President of Strategy Alignment. It is global, dynamic, diverse, and engaged at multiple levels of the organization and with external partners.


  • Provide support to all aspects of research and programming needs with significant supervision;
  • Coordinate within and across teams at Search to pursue goals, standards and best practices in collaboration with a wider set of teams and departments;
  • Document and participate in relevant meetings and provide administrative support for budgeting, staff recruitment and reporting.
  • Invest in personal skills development in collaboration with supervisor.


Strategy Execution & Learning

  • Support drafting, analysis and review of sub-strategies for scope, team and conflict geography strategies.


  • Provide input and reporting for the team and department planning and review processes.

Organizational Performance

  • Draft and develop guidance or action plans that address key bottlenecks to performance.

Evidence & Impact

  • Draft communications and reports for sharing evidence across the field in line with our learning agenda, using global standards for impact to build cohesive evidence about peacebuilding approaches;
  • Use evidence and learning from previous programs to support drafting of new strategies and projects.

Technical Positioning

  • Draft tools and guidance needed for uptake of global approaches that improve impact and program quality, identified with the broader department;
  • Track participation in internal networks of technical expertise and support information sharing for new opportunities, resources and partnerships;
  • Produce learning and guidance from Search experiences that can be channeled into programming on key thematic areas;
  • Draft learning and onboarding tools for staff, and monitor skills training and paths for growth for relevant staff.

New Frontiers

  • Assist in drafting in future scenario analysis to build organizational competencies;
  • Assist in organizing staff training for future-oriented competencies;
  • Attend and participate in relevant events developed with partner institutions around future opportunities and trends.

Competency Behavior Indicators (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

  • Engages effectively with collaborators and team members.
  • Builds relationships. May participate in external meetings.
  • Relates well to colleagues and to all levels of managers; works cooperatively and effectively across teams.
  • Participates in active listening and is receptive to learning.
  • With close supervision and direction from the supervisor, researches and compiles materials for team documents, briefing materials, and presentations.
  • Appreciates multicultural teamwork.
  • Has knowledge of and respect for the organization’s values and norms.
  • Obtains essential information for a task or project.
  • Organizes information or materials for others.
  • Is resourceful and uses Search’s technology to support efficiency for self and team members.

How to apply

Link to apply here.

Noting that Closing date is 4-Aug-22