Program Manager – Turkey


Job Title: PROGRAM MANAGER Based in Turkey

Effective date: ASAP

Job Code:TR03


MedGlobal is a global humanitarian non-profit organization providing medical and health education services to people in need, including refugees and displaced persons, in disaster and underserved regions. The organization is composed of medical and public health professionals of diverse backgrounds.

Please explain the purpose and/or role in full detail.


MedGlobal Code of Conduct reflects the profession’s core set of beliefs and values of care, respect, trust, and integrity. These beliefs and values are fundamental to MedGlobal employees, volunteers, interns, consultants, officers’ coordinators, and directors to guide their practice and conduct.

The Code is organized into categories, as follows:

Always act with fairness, honesty, integrity, and openness; respect the opinions of others and treat all with equality and dignity without regard to gender, race, colour, creed, ancestry, place of origin, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Provide a positive and valued experience for those receiving service within and outside MedGlobal


The Turkey/ Syria Program Manager will be responsible for managing, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of the MG health and other programs and operational activities, and all subsequent expansion/extension as required, as well as adherence to logistics, human resources, administration, and security procedures. The Program Manager will be responsible for the overall management and technical direction of all MedGlobal programs in Turkey and Syria and defining program activities on the ground.


  • Program Implementation and Development
  • Implementing on-going projects and programs and leading program development opportunities related to health, nutrition, and any other areas, including ongoing assessment needs in Turkey in coordination with, and under the instruction and guidance of, the MedGlobal Head Office and/or the Country Representative (CR).
  • overseeing the preparation of project budgets by the Accounting Department and other documents as necessary to be submitted to the NGO Affairs Bureau for project approval.
  • Assisting with providing program development, staff training and education, and best practices adherence.
  • Developing project work plans and budgeting for field activities associated with donor requirements and MedGlobal policies.
  • Conducting clinic audits to assess MedGlobal services’ status, quality of supplies and facilities, and on-site health information systems, in accordance with MedGlobal and international standards and policies.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and assessing PHCs’ activities and overcoming shortages if there are any, in coordination with the NW Syria program manager.
  • Coordinating with the authorities responsible for locating the project, as needed, in order to locate the new project.
  • Preparing draft Project Concept Documents (PCD) along with all necessary supporting documentation and submitting all documents to the CR for the next steps.
  • Preparing an Emergency Response Team with a proposal for resource allocation, training, practical exposure, and coordinating with the Central Emergency Response Cell with an effective integration plan.
  • Helping to create processes for the clinic or any other service providing centers in Turkey or in the host community with input from the MedGlobal leadership.
  • Drafting and proposing grants for funding to expand clinic and/or project capacity in coordination with CD , Grants and Fundraising Manager, Program Director, and Finance and Operations Director.
  • Coordinate MedGlobal attendance of health, nutrition and any relevant cluster meetings with adequate capacity.


● Assist the clinic coordinator in providing program development, training plans, staff training and education, and best practices for in-house and external training programs.

● Conducting clinic audits to assess MedGlobal services’ status, quality of supplies and facilities, and on-site health information systems, in accordance with MedGlobal and international standards and policies.

● Providing a summary of recommended areas of improvement, areas of success, and leading the execution of an action plan with the Head Office team to evolve and make positive systems improvements where needed.

Providing day-to-day guidance and supervision for the PHCs in coordination with NW Syria Program Manager in a manner that supports the growth of internal leadership.

● Providing oversight of the volunteer logistics from arrival to departure in Turkey, including orienting volunteer providers to clinic processes on-site.

● Acting as a resource to collect and disseminate information to potential and upcoming volunteers, including collecting and distributing required written materials.

● Assisting in the development of volunteer recruitment materials in collaboration with the Volunteer Coordinator.


● Working with MedGlobal’s Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, to implement M&E for the overall Turkey program, as well as special MedGlobal programs.

● Coordinate with and act as a liaison for the NGOAB supervising staff, audit teams from partners, etc., as necessary.

● Coordinating and assisting the Accounting Department for project-end and annual audits.

● Reviewing MedGlobal financial reports, both weekly and monthly.


● Contacting, communicating with, and meeting interested parties regarding potential activities, including potential or current donors.

● Attending regional and local sub-cluster meetings (e.g., OCHA and UN sector) in (area) and/or problem-solving with our partner organizations.

● Representing the MedGlobal programs and PHCs work at the various countrywide, regional, local, and camp level meetings at the Turkey government offices, the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner offices, the UN offices, and other refugee agencies.

● Maintaining contact with partner NGO(s) and INGOs, NGOs for issues including operations, staffing, supplies, volunteer transportation and accommodation, and troubleshooting any potential solutions.

● Following up with and assisting in MedGlobal’s Turkey registration, renewal of registration, and the implementation and management after registration with the CR.


● Creating weekly, monthly, and annual program reports and project-specific monitoring and evaluation reports.

Reviewing in-country financial reports and maintaining all required documentation per organization policy, in coordination with the Turkey Finance and HR Officer and Finance and Operations Director.

● Assisting in developing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting on research efforts in Turkey.

● Creating and maintaining reports of the primary clinical work and the various education and training programs and other activities held outside of the primary site.

● Performing additional duties at the request of the CR.

REQUIREMENTS Skills and Experiences:

● Experience with principles and guidelines of health program planning and implementation

● Experience with personnel management including supervision, training, monitoring, and evaluation

● Experience with data and records management

● Experience with public and community relations

● Experience with staff training and development

● Experiencing health project proposals and budgeting methods

● Experience with report writing and generation

● Experience with computer systems and related software applications

● Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and project coordination skills

● Fluency in English

● Flexibility and ability to work under pressure.

● An extensive network of contacts in Turkey government offices, UN agencies, INGOs, NGOs, and local administration offices, including law enforcement agencies.

Education And Professional:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any discipline or Degree in medical fields awarded before 2014.
  • 5 years’ experience in health and nutrition programs.
  • 3 years’ experience in Syrian context.
  • Arabic is the mother language., fluent English.
  • Crossing the border to Syria every week on need and direct supervision on Syria activities is mandatory .

How to apply

Interested candidates may apply through the above link:

Female Candidates are highly encouraged to apply

Deadline: 23 Mar 2023