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Right To Play

Mentorship Resource Development for the Sexual Health and Reproductive Education Program

Type of Contract: Independent Consultancy (Individual or Firm)

Department: Global Program Development Unit

Language: English

Closing Date: 06 October 2022

Estimated Start Date: 12 October 2022

Location: Flexible (Remote Desk Based), with travel to Ghana, Mozambique and Uganda


Right To Play is a global organization committed to improving the lives of children and youth affected by conflict, disease, and poverty. Established in 2000, Right To Play has pioneered a unique play-based approach to learning and development, focusing on quality education, life skills, health, gender equality, child protection and building peaceful communities. With programming in 16 countries, Right To Play transforms the lives of more than 2.3 million children each year, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to our work with children, Right To Play advocates with parents, local communities, and governments to advance the fundamental rights of all children.

Right To Play is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and London, UK and operates in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our programs are facilitated by more than 600 international staff and 31,900 local teachers and coaches. For more information, follow @RightToPlayIntl and visit

SHARE Program Overview

The Sexual Health and Reproductive Education (SHARE) program is a five-year, CAD 36.69MM program funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Designed as a gender-transformative, human-rights progressive sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) program, SHARE’s ultimate outcome is to increase the enjoyment of health-related human rights by adolescent girls and young women in Ghana, Mozambique, and Uganda. SHARE is implemented as a consortium led by Right To Play (RTP), in collaboration with WaterAid, the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), and technical partner FHI 360. SHARE’s ultimate outcome will be achieved through action on three interrelated pillars, particularly targeting adolescent girls and young women by:

  1. Increasing the use of gender-responsive SRHR information and services.
  2. Improving the delivery of gender-responsive services to address adolescent SRHR needs; and
  3. Enhancing social action by key stakeholders to advocate for adolescent-friendly, gender-responsive SRHR services and policies.

Mentorship is one of the core interventions for the SHARE program contributing to increasing equitable use of gender-responsive SRH information and services to AGYW and ABYM in schools and communities. The school-based mentorship builds on RTP’s school club experience and will be implemented in the targeted schools through school clubs. The school-based mentorship sessions will run weekly or biweekly for 6-9 months to complete the curriculum. Practical and user-friendly resources/toolkits are required to guide the implementation of mentorship in school settings. The resources/toolkits will provide structure, guidance, and standardized implementation materials in SHARE program countries.

The mentorship resources will provide rights-based, evidence-informed, accurate, and age-appropriate SRHR information to adolescent girls and boys. The curriculum examines gender norms, encourages the formation of equitable and respectful relationships, and empowers adolescents to develop self-esteem and life skills to communicate effectively and make informed decisions. The resources will be guided by the key concepts, topics and learning objectives outlined in the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education.


The consultancy work aims to develop a global Mentorship Resource to be used in the school-based mentorship with adolescents on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender equality that targets adolescents between 10 and 14 years old. The resource will incorporate gender-responsive play-based learning activities from Right To Play’s collections which are available as animated videos and short PDF manuals. The games are designed for children of varying ages and are meant to be played in classrooms, community settings, and at home, with few to no materials required.

The consultants will:

  • Develop an inception report of the desk review process and outline the methodology and conceptual framework used.
  • Participate in a meeting with Global Programs Department and Global Program Partnerships to gather ideas collectively on concrete content and activities that should be included in the global mentorship toolkit.
  • Conduct a desk review of baseline reports, MOH and MOE resources, and other relevant publications to understand the views of adolescents and various stakeholders in the program implementation areas.
  • Collection and gap analysis of resources, manuals and toolkits sourced from reputable organizations working in the fields of adolescent sexual and reproductive health
  • Facilitate or provide remote support to stakeholder consultations with adolescents and youths, CBOs, CSOs, government stakeholders and NGOs focused on SRHR to gather ideas collectively on concrete content and activities that should be included in the Mentorship Resource.
  • Create the framework that outlines the topics to be covered in the front matter, identifies the specific key learnings, and gets approval from RTP before proceeding.
  • Review and identify activities from RTP’s SRH play-based learning manual to include in the mentorship toolkit and update the selected activities to reflect RTP’s current play-based learning methodology.
  • Provide artistic direction for the activities to guide illustration
  • Submit the draft Mentorship Resource to RTP for review and make revisions based on feedback
  • Provide remote technical support to RTP staff for piloting the draft resource with relevant stakeholders to provide feedback on the draft.
  • Revise the toolkit based on feedback and submit it to RTP HQ for final review.
  • Make final edits and submit the final toolkit.
  • Incorporate an M&E approach in the module design in consultation with RTP
  • Train SHARE program staff in HQ and the three countries to use the final version of the Mentorship Resource
  • Make general recommendations on contextualization and adaptation.
  • The development of the Mentorship Resource will be informed by rights-based sexuality education, Right To Play’s play-based methodology, and the needs at the country level as articulated by adolescents, local organizations, country teams, and other relevant stakeholders. The final products should be fully referenced, with content linked to evidence.
  • All material shall be produced in English and should be simple in expression (jargon free) for later translation. The consultants will submit an electronic version of the Mentorship Resource package in Word by the agreed deadline to enable copy editing, design and formatting work.
  • Right To Play will be responsible for coordinating and supporting the exercise in partnership with relevant Right To Play country offices. The consultant(s) will keep the organization up to date throughout the project delivery and agree on changes to the methodology where appropriate.
  • The consultants are requested to propose their methodology and/or approach for how they will complete all the deliverables.

All material developed for this consultancy must be gender, age and ability sensitive, and child participatory through play-based methods.


The key deliverables of the consultancy will be:

  1. Inception report of the desk review process and outline of methodology and conceptual framework
  2. Report of the consultations with adolescents and youths, CBOs, CSOs, government stakeholder, and NGOs on content generation for the Resource
  3. Draft Mentorship Resource appropriate for the 10-14 age group for review. The resource includes
    1. Standardized curriculum for the 10-14 age group
    2. Trainers Manual to train mentors
    3. Play-based Learning Activities Manual to implement with adolescents
    4. Art direction as required for each topic or activity
  4. Report on the piloting/field testing, including the feedback and recommendations
  5. Final Mentorship Resource and source files of all diagrams created
  6. At least one-day training workshop with SHARE program staff in HQ and the three countries on the final SRHR Adolescents toolkit.

All materials will be the intellectual property of Right To Play.


The anticipated start date for the consultancy is October 12, 2022


The consultants will work closely with and report to the Global Programs teams. The consultants and the relevant Right To Play project team will meet as per agreed timings at various stages of the consultancy period.

  • Advanced degree preferably in education, public health, behavioural science, social sciences, or related field
  • Minimum ten years of increasingly responsible professional experience in working in adolescents and youth programming, of which five years related to SRHR and Life Skills
  • In-depth knowledge of informal education issues and challenges, as well as of youth issues, particularly in low and middle-income countries
  • Proven experience in developing SRHR/GBV/Life Skills toolkits/manuals/curricula and training on these topics; sample work to be provided with the application stating clearly what the role of each of the consultants was in that process
  • Demonstrated ability to integrated gender, age and inclusion considerations in material design
  • Proven experience in designing storyboards and conceptualizing interactive and youth-friendly toolkits/curricula; Demonstrated capacity for creative, adolescent and youth-friendly thinking and working with adolescents and youth, both male and female
  • Experience in play-based learning and gender-transformative programming approaches is desired
  • Excellent writing/reporting skills
  • Must be able to work in a multidisciplinary team and multicultural environment
  • Must be committed to respecting deadlines of delivery outputs within the agreed time frame

RTP requires a sample of prior similar work done/led by the consultant(s) to determine the level of the consultant’s expertise and experience, as well as a two-page proposal on how the consultants will conduct this consultancy, including a timeline and methodology. Once the consultants are on board, their first deliverable will be to develop a more detailed inception report outlining the methodology and conceptual framework.

How to apply


Interested consultants are requested to submit:

  1. A CV.

  2. Cover letter that clearly articulates why you are well positioned to undertake this scope of work, proposed methodology, work schedule and level of effort (in days) and timeframe.

  3. Sample of work relevant to the consultancy, including training material, resources or tool kits completed within the last five (5) years (to be treated as confidential and only used for quality assurance).

  4. Proposed budget that includes the daily rate, the total number of anticipated days, and all taxes liable to be paid.


    1. Please submit your application electronically to [email protected]. Any questions can also be directed to this e-mail.
    2. The closing date for applications is October 06, 2022, with an estimated start date of 12 October 2022.
    3. We are committed to ensuring diversity and gender equality within our organization. All underrepresented qualified groups are highly recommended to apply.

While we thank all applicants for their interest, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. Right To Play is a child-centred organization. Our recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to the safety and protection of children in our programs. To learn more about how we are and what we do, please visit our website at


    1. All documents and data collected will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate analysis.
    2. Where necessary, the respondents will not be quoted in the reports without their permission.
    3. All those contracted by Right To Play must agree to sign and abide by the Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct, and property rights policies.

Closing date: 6-Oct-22