Regional Governance Advisor

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is seeking to hire an experienced and professional Regional Governance Advisor. The Regional Governance Advisor (RGA) will apply relevant knowledge, skills and methods that promote the development of high-performing national board of directors that guide, protect, and ensure the achievement of the organizational mission and vision. The RGA will lead board strengthening and development, providing, and managing the governance training and facilitating strategic alignment and coordination in all aspects of Habitat governance in the LAC region.
The RGA coordinates and facilitates onboarding and orientation processes to new members of the board in coordination with the board chairs and national directors of the respective organizations. This position makes an important contribution to governance policy development and provide capacity building and development facilitation and training in best practices with Boards in the LAC Region in collaboration with the Area Vice President (AVP), Board Chairs, and National Directors. The RGA will develop annual development plans for National Boards in coordination with the Operations Department, AVP, and other relevant global functions of Habitat for Humanity

Key Responsibilities:
Board development, coach, and capacity building (75%)

* Provide capacity building and development plans taking into account sector best practices on governance in collaboration with the relevant leadership in the region.
* Facilitate the assessment of governance effectiveness in National Offices and develop action plans to address identified gaps.
* Create and implement regional governance annual work plan and regional plan for capacity building and other learning processes.
* Support the defining of baseline Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for governance at national and regional, level, to promote effectiveness and strategic alignment with Habitat for Humanity International.
* Ensure monitoring, observation, regular communication, and quality board meeting reporting, to keep track of Board performance.
* Provide support and quality control for National Office Board when appropriate.
* Coach and advice national directors and senior leadership to support their boards and derive value from their work.
* Contribute content and develop board training modules.
* Create an annual development plan for each NO based on self-assessments according to best practices and other recommendations.
* Create and/or enhance training materials based on individual and collective needs.
* Consolidate Board development plans, forward agenda, annual work plans etc for effective use by the Directors.
* Provide orientation to new Board members, with additional support for the first six months.
Collective Responsibility, Regional Strategy & alignment (15%)
* Contribute to regional senior management meetings as appropriate and articulate governance issues as well as planning and coordinate meetings.
* Selectively attend Board meetings as a resource advisor on governance with the agreement of relevant stakeholders.
* Liaise with HFHI (where applicable and in coordination with AO VP) to ensure alignment between National Offices and Habitat on governance issues as per policies and guidelines.
Administration and any other duties assigned (10%)
* Practice the Core Values of the organization and undertake any other tasks that are consistent with the position’s purposes.

* Masters level or higher degree in related field such as Social Sciences, Human Development, Law, Organizational Development, Corporate Business Administration, Risk Management, and/or Governance.
* 10 years or more of progressively responsible international work experience.
* Extensive knowledge and understanding of the functioning of International federated organizations such as HFHI in terms of their governance, management, and operations.
* At least 5 years’ experience of serving/working with boards.
* Broad knowledge and understanding of current board governance issues in the region and/or the world in complex organizations.
* Experience in senior management roles and/or working effectively with senior leaders.
* Knowledge of board governance subject matter, practices, and terminology in profit and/or not-for-profit sector.
* Ability to lead and coordinate board assessments and facilitate board training.
* Excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal and diplomacy skills.
* Excellent written and verbal communication in Spanish & English. French or an additional language would be a plus.
* Proven ability to work with high level members of board across physical and cultural distances.
* Understanding of peer review mechanisms.
* Outstanding coordination skills, with the ability to handle multiple activities concurrently and meet deadlines.
* Ability to participate effectively in a virtual team while ensuring achievement of team objectives.
* Good diplomatic, influencing and negotiating skill with ability to exercise discretion.
* Professional certification in Corporate or NGO Governance.
* Active support of HFHI Values:
– Humility – We are part of something bigger than ourselves
– Courage – We do what’s right, even when it is difficult or unpopular
– Accountability – We take personal responsibility for Habitat’s mission
– Safeguarding: HFHI requires that all employees take seriously their ethical responsibilities to safeguarding our intended beneficiaries, their communities, and all those with whom we work. Managers at all levels have responsibilities to support and develop systems that create and maintain an environment that prevents harassment, sexual exploitation and abuse, safeguards the rights of beneficiaries and community members (especially children), and promotes the implementation of Habitat for Humanity’s code of conduct.

* Experience in a global organization (Federated organizations experience is an advantage).
* Experience in the development of quality board tools and policies.
* Understanding of current practices in corporate governance and NGO sector governance.
* International experience/exposure through travel or living working in other countries.
* Willingness to work outside the normal working hours from time to time, due to the need to connect with people in different time zones.


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