Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of Durable Solutions Technical and Coordination Consultancy Services

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Danish Refugee Council

1. Introduction The Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) is a joint initiative of Action Against Hunger (AAH), Danish Refugee Council (DRC), the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Oxfam and Save the Children. The objective of DSP is to generate knowledge and promote dialogue and strategic programme approaches to the long term future of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people based on international best practice and principles for preparing and supporting durable solutions for people in displacement. The platform’s work consists of research, stakeholder engagement, advocacy, programme support and liaison with civil society. DSP is hosted by the DRC Middle East Regional Office (MERO) in Amman, Jordan.

2. Background DSP is seeking an individual consultant to provide technical coordination and content support for the operationalization of specific elements of DSP’s work plan for the rest of this year. DSP’s strategy 2022-25 strongly articulates the role of DSP as a convener on durable solutions policy, evidence and learning in the region, which translates into different convening opportunities such as roundtables and workshops. More specifically, DSP is seeking a consultant to:  Provide technical durable solutions support including for briefings, meetings and other DSP events as necessary across the region. This includes but is not limited to developing background papers and presentations, drafting talking points and supporting facilitation.  Support the coordination of a seminar series on a common agenda on research in Jordan and DSP engagement in Jordan, including but not limited to expanding on the concept, organizing the content, drafting background material and facilitating relevant discussions.  Coordinate and co-facilitate a regional learning workshop on durable solutions, including leading on expanding on the concept, coordinate the set-up of break-out sessions and plenary panels, and drafting a final workshop report.  Draft DSP’s 2022 annual report to be published in early 2023.

3. Deliverables The consultant is expected to work on and successfully complete the following deliverables.  Inception report (3 days): Draft inception report including a detailed work plan and timeline. With round of review from DSP team members and to be approved by DSP Manager. 2  Execute selected technical durable solutions tasks (20 days): Execute selected technical tasks in line with DSP priorities for 2022 and linked to selected DSP research processes, organize and co-facilitate meetings with DSP external stakeholders, drafting background materials incl. background papers, technical content for a DSP video series, PPTs and talking points among other tasks.  Coordinate selected DSP convening processes (25 days): Lead on the coordination of the durable solutions regional learning workshop incl. liaising with relevant DSP members and partners on panel contributions, organization of break-out sessions and necessary background material and co-facilitate workshop; lead on DSP’s seminar series on a common agenda on research in Jordan by organizing background content, ensuring line-up of panellists and coordination with key stakeholders and drafting of TPs.  Draft regional learning workshop report and DSP 2022 annual report (10 days): Draft a final report from the regional durable solutions learning workshop including the collective inter-agency outcomes and priorities for durable solutions in the region, and draft DSP’s first annual report including achievements, key challenges and ways forward. After contract signature, the consultant will develop a detailed work plan as part of the inception report, to be approved by the DSP Manager.

4. Timeline Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  1. Inception phase
  2. Execute selected technical durable solutions tasks
  3. Coordinate DSP convening processes
  4. Draft workshop report and annual report The total estimated level of effort for this consultancy is 58 days over the months of July to December 2022. A final version of the timeline and work plan will be agreed upon at the inception phase. The consultant should be able to commit to execute the planned deliverables and commit to the full assignment during the months of September to December. It will not be possible to extend the assignment post-December 2022.

5. Payments Each instalment will be paid fully after work is completed the date of presentation of an invoice, and the submission of the deliverables that to be determined upon sign the contract.

6. Travel The consultant is expected to travel to the region for this consultancy for the durable solutions regional learning workshop (planned for mid-November 2022).

Financial proposals do not need to budget for flight, accommodation and airport transfer costs in the region, as those will be covered by DSP directly. DSP may be able to cover other necessary travel costs related to the consultant’s travel (e.g. PCR test, visas, airport transfer in country of residence) by reimbursement. The consultant is expected to join DSP meetings as necessary (time zone GMT+2).

7. Consultants’ profile For the purposes of this assignment, an individual consultant rather than a team is highly preferred, for reasons of consistency and communications. The consultant should have the following qualifications:  Master degree in international relations, development, political science and/or economics.  Minimum 6 years’ proven experience in conducting similar assignments, including leading on durable solutions related topics, including protection.  Demonstrable experience related to durable solutions, including technical, coordination and policy experience.  Strong knowledge of the durable solutions-related issues in the region.  Strong analytical and coordination skills with proven experience in facilitating discussions on complex topics.  Good writing skills, with experience in presenting complex information in a simple and accessible manner.  Experience working with a small team to deliver quality outputs within shorter timeframes.  Fluency in written and spoken English.

How to apply

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Noting that Closing date is 24-Jul-22