Senior Director, Budget & Fiscal Compliance



HIAS seeks a Senior Director, Budget & Fiscal Compliance to be responsible for the establishment and oversight of policies and procedures supporting HIAS’ administration and management of grants and cooperative agreements, specifically for U.S. Government, other government donors, the UN and private donors HIAS is responsible for. The position also works closely with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to lead the annual budgeting process for the organization, ensures that it is developed in line with strategic and operational plans (including capital planning) and that all revisions are compiled, analyzed and calculated in an accurate and timely manner. This position partners with various levels of the organization in the development of the budget and planning process, including timelines and guidance to all stakeholders.

The Senior Director, Budget & Fiscal Compliance will establish documented processes and procedures as well as training curricula and delivery to manage these activities in an international NGO (concentrating on both domestic U.S. programs and international operations). This position will serve as the policies and regulations expert on budgeting, planning, grants management and fiscal compliance.



  • Develops implementation tools to be used by staff for effective management of grants, including databases, forms and templates to streamline review and approval processes for proposals.
  • Monitors the systems that support areas of responsibility to ensure they meet operational needs, makes recommendations for improvement and actively participates in change management; works closely with the Institutional Development team.
  • Manages the relationship and serves as point of contact with our funding partners for both federal and non-federal grants.
  • Serves as the organization’s knowledge expert in the area of grant and sub-grant management by maintaining current, up-to-date knowledge and understanding of all regulatory, statutory and administrative requirements and updating HIAS’ knowledge database.
  • Works closely with program staff to develop the materials needed when requesting federal award budget realignments, modifications and No Cost Extensions, including appropriate updated budgets, as well as justifications.
  • Develops policies and procedures to meet organizational standards for grants and sub-grants management, which are then published in the Grants Management Manual and rolled out globally, in coordination with the CFO; maintains responsibility for keeping manuals current and communicating updates to all staff with related responsibilities.
  • Oversees analysis and maintenance of staff allocations, as well as salary forecasting, in coordination with the Human Resources team.
  • Ensures all donor reporting is completed accurately and on time for all domestic and international programs; maintains appropriate records and addresses any open issues with donors; ensures donor receivables are properly managed; works closely with the Associate Vice President, Accounting & Finance in completing the receivable/liability report on a monthly basis.
  • Provides regular training on grant and sub-grant management for staff with those responsibilities, supporting the ultimate goal to mitigate the risk of potential disallowances or non-performance; trainings will be at domestic and international level.
  • Plays a significant role in departmental/unit strategic and operational planning processes to achieve targets in support of organization-wide goals and objectives; monitors progress towards agreed upon objectives.
  • Ensures all restricted funding is spent in a timely manner, in the proper location and for the proper purpose according to donor intent.
  • Works closely with PRM Grants Officer and Budget & Fiscal Compliance staff to close out old awards with PRM.
  • Reviews and approves all draw requests for domestic and international awards to ORR, PRM and BHA, ensuring this is done in a timely fashion to maintain cash flow; reviews and approves Federal Cash Transaction Reports to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
  • Coordinates with the Associate Vice President, Accounting & Finance to review all award agreements to ensure reasonable financial requirements for HIAS.
  • Coordinates and works closely with HIAS’ Contracting Manager on funder procurement requirements, procurement policies, procedures and training, as well as any major procurements under federal awards and any strategic procurements.
  • Responds to personnel on all related issues.


  • Coordinates with the CFO to lead annual planning and budgeting processes; ensures budgets and metrics are aligned with each other and organizational priorities.
  • In conjunction with the CFO and business/functional teams, develops organizational budget for recommendation to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).
  • Leads forecast process for all divisions, including developing timelines, providing training, analyzing and reviewing forecasts and preparing materials for presentation to the ELT and Budget & Finance Committee of the Board.
  • Oversees preparation of monthly management reports and dashboard for all divisions and regions.
  • Oversees the creation of detailed budgets and budget narratives for all federal proposals, as well as other required financial documentation; ensures that all federal proposals are submitted with all required documents and on a timely basis; responds to all funder questions relating to the budget; oversees the creation of budgets for all private funder proposals and coordinates with colleagues to ensure all financial information submitted is complete.
  • Works closely with the Institutional Development team to respond to any financial questions and document requests from private funders.


  • Leads the development of multiyear revenue and expense budgets based on input from business/functional teams and international program country offices.
  • Develops tools for analysis of projections and for forecasting to provide senior leadership with better information for decision-making.


  • Graduate degree in Business Administration, Finance, Public Administration or relevant equivalent required; MBA preferred.
  • 12+ years of experience in managing the compliance function in the area of grants, contracts, procurement and sub-agreements, especially U.S. Federal (OMB Circulars, USAID, A122, A133, Uniform Guidance and FAR) and European Governments.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a leadership role, preferably in a supervisory role.
  • In depth knowledge of financial planning, budgeting processes and financial reporting, both at domestic and international level.
  • Experience working directly with overseas offices is required, along with experience travelling and working with international NGOs.
  • Ability to lead with management support; able to interact with all departments.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to communicate clearly with thoughtful, accurate information.
  • Experience with management information systems and reporting metrics.
  • Demonstrates the ability to prioritize workload for self and others.
  • Ability to communicate to program, non-finance, technical and international staff in the areas of grants management.
  • Ability to properly prioritize work and escalate issues as needed; able to complete work in a timely manner while working on simultaneous tasks.
  • Ability to make tough decisions in a transparent and strongly positive communicative manner.


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