Strategic Adviser (CRC)

  • Contract
  • Mogadishu Somalia
  • TBD USD / Year
  • Salary: TBD
  • Closing date: 2 May 2022


1. Reporting Line:

The Strategic Adviser reports to the Strategic Maritime Adviser / Head of Unit. This position is also a member of the Core Responsiveness Capacity (CRC), see specific tasks related to this below.

2. Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

· To operationalise the Mission mandate and tasks as set out in the planning documents and the Mission Implementation Plan by advising and mentoring local counterpart on the strategic and operational level;

· To support the Mission to address areas of structural weaknesses in the performance and accountability of counterparts/institutions and propose relevant solutions;

· To provide analysis and recommendations to the local counterpart in the area of responsibility;

· To be embedded within the local institution, security permitting;

· To maintain necessary contacts and build relationships with relevant local counterparts;

· To liaise closely with other horizontal advisers;

· To design and deliver training;

· To research and assess the performance of Somaliland’s maritime security governance mechanism and institutions, and recommend on the development of maritime security good governance capacity;

· To advise on development and implementation of strategy and policy on maritime security in line with the Somaliland Maritime Resources and Security Strategy (SMRSS) the Somaliland National Security Policy and Somaliland National Development Plan II (or similar);

· To support the development and the implementation of comprehensive strategies and mechanisms for good governance of civilian maritime law enforcement institutions;

· To support the Somaliland civilian maritime law enforcement institutions to develop their strategic management capacities;

· To promote effective cooperation between Somaliland maritime resources and security institutions through advice on clear division of maritime institutional roles and responsibilities among ministries, agencies, and other relevant actors;

· To assess the functioning, organisation, strategic management capacity and needs of the Somaliland maritime security institutions, and identify and advise upon sustainable capacity development plans;

· To build strong working relationships with relevant actors in Somaliland and other key stakeholders (including international stakeholders, other EU bodies, UN organisations, countries involved in bilateral activities).

2.2. Core Responsiveness Capacity Tasks and Responsibilities

Members of the Core Responsiveness Capacity, when requested and approved by Civilian Operation Commander, are expected to:

· To participate in the planning and start-up of missions, including Technical Assessment Missions and early deployment;

· To support larger up/down scaling of missions, or refocusing of mandates;

· To participate in liquidation and closures of missions;

· To act as a floater under the Exchange of staff policy;

· To participate in the specific Core Responsiveness Capacity trainings and exercises;

· To undertake any other tasks related to the Core Responsiveness Capacity as required.

3. General Tasks and Responsibilities:

· To identify and report on lessons learned and best practices within the respective area of responsibility;

· To contribute and ensure timely reporting on activities within the respective area of responsibility;

· To take account of gender equality and human rights aspects in the execution of tasks;

· To undertake any other related tasks as requested by the Line Manager(s).

4. Essential Qualifications and Experience:

· Successful completion of university studies of at least 4 years attested by a diploma OR a qualification in the National Qualifications Framework which is equivalent to level 7 in the European Qualifications Framework OR a qualification of the second cycle under the framework of qualifications of the European Higher Education Area, e.g. Master’s Degree OR equivalent and attested police and/or military education or training or an award of an equivalent rank; AND

· A minimum of 6 years of relevant professional experience, after having fulfilled the education requirements.

5. Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Ability to mentor, advise and motivate local counterparts;

· Experience of designing and delivering training;

· Sound knowledge of EU Maritime Strategy and related policies;

· Good understanding of policies and organisational aspects of a maritime administration, implementing maritime security and Coast Guard functions;

· Experience of working in the field of maritime safety and/or security;

· Sound knowledge of maritime law;

· Organisational, planning and project development skills;

· Good knowledge of Human Rights and Gender practices;

· Ability to provide analyses, planning and reporting as well as a sound understanding of strategic and operational considerations on law enforcement/maritime security matters.

6. Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

· International experience, particularly in crisis areas with multinational and international organisations;

· Ability to effectively advise senior decision makers, negotiation and diplomacy skills;

· Knowledge of government coordination processes;

· CSDP experience in the areas of Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising;

· Previous experience in policy and strategy development or related field;

· Experience in project management;

· Experience with maritime administration, coordination and governance;

· Professional certification in Mentoring, Monitoring & Advising;

· Professional Training Qualification/Certification.

7. Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Ability to multi-task with a time management efficiency;

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