Technical Advisor to the South Sudan Guinea Worm Eradication Program

Carter Center

Technical Advisors (TAs) provide technical and managerial support (on behalf of The Carter Center) to the Ministry of Health, Republic of South Sudan, Guinea Worm Eradication Program (SSGWEP) within a specific coverage area (county or district). TAs are responsible for the implementation and oversight of all interventions to stop guinea worm disease (GWD) transmission within their given program coverage area. Primary responsibilities are:

  1. Manage 5-15 field-level staff to implement interventions to stop guinea worm transmission. Field staff management includes training, planning, and direct field-level supervision. 80% of TA’s time is spent with field staff in villages working in a supportive and supervisory capacity.
  2. Oversee all technical aspects of GWD eradication, including surveillance, implementation of interventions used to interrupt transmission of GWD, and staff compliance with the SSGWEP operational guidelines.
  3. Oversee transportation resources (motorcycles and vehicle) and stock (intervention materials, compound supplies) including vehicle maintenance sheets and stock inventories.
  4. Develop effective relationships with residents of endemic communities to engage their active participation in the eradication of GWD, including their participation in: 1) keep residents/visitors with the disease from contaminating sources of drinking water, 2) ensure all residents always filter all drinking water, and 3) promptly report any cases of GWD in their community.
  5. Effectively communicate and coordinate with local, county, state, and national authorities regarding the status and needs of the GWEP, particularly advocacy for the provision and or rehabilitation of safe sources of drinking water.
  6. Live and work full time in rural remote field settings and spend 80% of time working within villages. Must be willing and able to walk long distances, perform effectively in a rural remote environment with limited access to resources / infrastructure, and to spend a minimum of eighty percent of time outdoors in a hot climate.
  7. Able to work and make responsible, effective decisions in a challenging environment.

Other requirements are:

• At least 2 years of public health experience with community-based programs, preferably in Africa.

• Demonstrated experience in WASH activities, the preparation of technical reports, budgets, and plans of action.

• Demonstrated ability to build team work.

• Ability to make sound work judgments under difficult conditions, and to become technically effective with minimal level of attention from supervisors.

• Sound personal and professional conduct, and respect for the work of The Carter Center and of the South Sudan Ministry of Health.

• TAs are assigned to remote areas where disease transmission is endemic and must be prepared to work and live in such areas.

• Fluent in written and spoken English.

How to apply

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to [email protected]. Subject line ought to include: Application South Sudan Technical Advisor Position. All documents ought to be in Microsoft word (.doc), PDF or open source format.