TERMS of REFERENCE for Strategic Plan Development for ODAS

  • Contract
  • Remote
  • TBD USD / Year
  • Salary: TBD


About Le Centre ODAS:

Le Centre ODAS, launched in 2021has been conceptualized as an innovative regional mechanism with the main objective of expanding access to safe abortion care in Francophone Africa by improving all components of the sustainable abortion ecosystem in collaboration with regional champions, governments, civil society organizations, and technical partners. Le Centre and the ODAS network are explicitly feminist and will help catalyze strong social movements around the broad issue of reproductive justice and develop new intersectional alliances. One of Le Centre’s ODASpriorities is to ensure that policies and programming are designed with women and youth from the Francophone region, grounded in human rights principles, and aligned with existing local movements around abortion rights and bodily autonomy.

Ipas Francophone is serving as the initiative’s founding host and is providing ‘incubational’ operational support over the first three years. Ipas Francophone Africa regional program was established 20 years ago with the vision to create a world where all people have the rights and ability to determine their own sexuality and reproductive health.

Background to the Consultancy:

To fulfil its objective of integrating safe abortion into Francophone Africa’s vibrant women’s rights landscape and strengthening regional and national initiatives around the intersectional priorities: universal health coverage, comprehensive sexuality education, gender-based violence response, and climate justice, Le Centre ODAS has decided to develop its Theory or Change (ToC) and the Strategic Plan. This is therefore a short-term assignment, and the consultant will facilitate a co-creating process for developing a Theory or Change (ToC) and Strategic Plan for Le Centre ODAS. The Consultant will work closely with ODAS core team and coordinate with key partners to help finalize both the documents that would guide ODAS’s program over next 3 to 5 years.

Scope of Work:

  1. Undertake desk research and conduct discussions with key ODAS staff, donor representatives and other partners to understand and contextualize Le Centre ODAS progress from its inception to date
  2. Develop a situational analysis paper and draft an initial framework for the Theory of Change
  3. Facilitate stakeholders to co-define the long-term and short-term strategic direction
  4. Synthesize inputs and prepare a draft Strategic Plan and the TOC
  5. Assist key stakeholders in reviewing the vision, mission, and values of Le Centre ODAS
  6. Develop timelines and benchmarks for the objectives of the plan and a process for evaluating progress toward achievement of these objectives
  7. Organize and participate in a 2-day in-person key stakeholder’s meeting to present the final Le Centre ODAS Strategic Plan and Theory of Change

The consultant requirements:

  1. Proven experience of leading a Strategic Planning process
  2. Experience of working with social movements
  3. Comprehensive understanding of NGO/Non-profit health sector and knowledge of Francophone Africa Region.
  4. Demonstrable strategic thinking abilities
  5. Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude
  6. Strong organizational and leadership skills
  7. Excellent communication skills with fluency in French and English
  8. 8-10 years’ experience in NGO/Non-profit planning, management, or related field


  1. Brief situational analysis report
  2. Statement of vision, mission, and values of Le Centre ODAS
  3. Draft and final Theory of Change document
  4. Draft and final Strategic Plan
  5. Benchmarks for the objectives of the plan and their timelines
  6. Process for evaluating progress on agreed objectives
  7. Event report summarizing the proceedings of the 2-day event


The Consultant will be hired for a period of up to 60 -75 days.

  • Anticipated start date is the 10th of October
  • Anticipated end date is mid/end December

How to apply

Applications including cover letter highlighting relevant experience, CV or resume and proposed consultancy rate (daily) should be sent to [email protected]. The closing date for applications is 5th October 2022.

Closing date: 5-Oct-22