ToR for graphics design and layout work of ILO Reports

  • Contract
  • Sudan
  • TBD USD / Year
  • Salary: TBD
  • Closing date: 1 May 2022


1. Background

The IGAD region is characterized by migratory movements driven by multiple political, economic, and environmental factors, making it difficult to establish clear lines between categories of migrants, refugees and forcibly displaced populations. Well-governed labour migration can contribute to sustainable development for countries of origin, transit and destination, and can provide benefits and opportunities for migrant workers and their families. On the contrary, poorly governed labour migration can bring risks and challenges, including for sustainable development and decent work, in countries of origin, transit and destination, especially for low-wage workers. Cognizant of these, IGAD and its Member States have taken steps to manage and address the issue of migration in the region. In this regard, among other things, IGAD and its Member States have developed and adopted comprehensive migration policy framework, the IGAD Regional Migration Policy Framework in 2012 and further developed Migration Action Plan (MAP) 2015-2020. All these instruments identified facilitation labour mobility, and free movement of persons, including the possibility for establishment and residence as their strategic priority.

In order to support IGAD and its Member States towards free movement of persons and transhumance in the region, the ILO is implementing a technical cooperation project entitled “Free Movement of Persons and Transhumance in the IGAD Region: Improving Opportunities for Regular Labour Mobility”. The project is being implemented in collaboration with the IGAD and its Member States with the financial support of the European Union. The overall objective of the project is to improve opportunities for regulated labour mobility and decent work within the IGAD Member States through the development of models of intervention, in the broader context of free movement of persons and labour mobility in the region. In the long-term, the project is expected to extend decent work opportunities to current and potential migrants within the region, as well as contribute to regional integration, strengthen the links between economic growth, climate change, and job creation, and enhance the social and economic integration of migrants.

As per the project implementation plan, the ILO has developed a series of studies and guideline and translated to the Arabic language. Hence, the ILO is looking for the service of a professional graphics designer to publish the documents as per the ILO publication standards following the English and French graphics designs of the reports.

2. Objective

The overall objective of the assignment is to produce a graphic design and layout work of 4study reports in the Arabic language following the graphics design of the English version of the documents following the ILO branding as well as current ILO publication guidelines and standards.**

3. Methodology

The main task of the graphic designer is to develop layout and design for the ILO study documents (Arabic Versions) to present/describe all the data and achievements of the documents in such a way that external audiences can easily understand and draw lessons from the documents.

Furthermore, the consultant will make the documents as much as possible self-explanatory through different creative methods using graphics, illustrations and pictorials so that the wider audience will get more information about the work of the ILO.

4. Main Deliverables:

Accordingly, this TOR outlines the request of a highly professional graphic designer to deliver the following tasks:

· Develop documents layout and graphic follow a certain design mock-up to be used in the designing and layout of the study and guideline documents for ILO staff to review

· present the layout idea to ILO and discuss on the proposed layout and incorporate feedback, then

· Design and layout the Arabic documents based on the final agreed mock-up to look like the English versions of documents.

For the two Labour Market Analysis (LMA) documents, the design will be different between the country and regional reports as per the English versions of the LMA publications.

The selected consultant needs to deliver the final designs both the InDesign and pdf versions (print and web) of the layout of the below 4 Arabic versions of study reports as per the delivery date on the contract.

The below table shows the study reports and guideline documents to creatively design, do the layout, and prepare camera-ready for web and print versions.

LMA/BLA No. Title Number of pages Estimated cost (USD/EURO)**

LMA 1 Labour Market Analysis: Country report Sudan 86

2 Labour Market Analysis: Regional Report 79

3 Bilateral Labour Agreement: Regional Background 102


4 Assessment on the Impact of COVID 19 on Migrant 85

Workers in and from the IGAD Region

English documents Total

5. Timeline

The assignment is expected to be completed in a maximum of Twenty (20) consultive days from the date of signing of the contract.**

  1. Required Competency and Qualifications:

The consultant is expected to have:

· Postgraduate degree in the same field

· Proven experience in producing publications with innovative graphic designs with the use of software such as Adobe Design Premium, In-Design, Illustrator, CorelDraw, web design tools such as Dreamweaver and Flash, etc.

· Sample work of clear and mature style of design, demonstrating an understanding of the communication requirements of a UN agency.

· Experience of graphic production from start to published/printed product with knowledge of printing processes (offset and digital) and colour management.

· Five years of experience in the field of graphics designing.

· Experience in working with UN agencies and multilateral organizations and institutions such as AU, IGAD, and other Regional Economic Communities (RECs)

7. Evaluation Process and Criteria:**

The evaluation process would be as shown below. In summary, the proposals will be evaluated on a weighted score of 70/30 for Technical/Financial relative score of 70/30.

Technical proposal evaluation criteria

In evaluating the technical proposal, the score allotted in the next table shall be used.

Evaluation Dimension Max. Score

1 Consultant’s Qualification and Experience 70


  • Postgraduate degree in software engineering, computer science or the same field from a reputable university.
  • Proven reputable experience in layout and designing of reports/studies.
  • Proven ability to communicate effectively in English and Arabic both orally and in writing, ability to accommodate feedback.

Max Score: 40

2 Consultants understand and complete the ToR correctly

Max Score: 30

Total: 70

The minimum total score required from the Consultant’s Qualification Experience and understanding of the TOR to be able to proceed for evaluating the financial proposal will be 49/70 which is an equivalent of 70%

Evaluation of the Financial Proposal

The financial proposal offers having passed the technical review will be considered. The financial offer will account for 30% of the final score. The maximum number of points assigned to the financial proposal will be allocated to the lowest priced proposal. All other price proposal receive pro-rated points according to the following formula: p = y (x/z), where: p = points for the financial proposal being evaluated y = maximum number of points for the financial quotation x = price of the lowest priced proposal z = price of the proposal being evaluated. The proposal obtaining the overall highest score, after adding the score of the technical and the financial proposals, is the one that offers the best value for money.

The quotation should detail all lines of envisaged expenditure. For each line, the unit cost, the number of units, and the total cost should be provided.

Technical and Financial Proposal evaluation will be based on the following percentage combination:

Technical (Consultant’s Qualification and Experience) 70

Financial proposal 30

Total 100

8. Management Arrangements and work Plan:

Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Project Manager, the consultant will directly work with the Communications Officer of the ILO FMPT project and the National Project Coordinator. The Communications Officer will provide specific guidance and ILO brand book for the service provider to ensure organizational branding.

9. Payment:

The one-time payment will be effected upon satisfactory submission of the final required graphics design and layout service as stated above under the Assignment and Duration of the Assignment sections.

Note: As ILO procedure the office will not cover receiver’s side bank charges, the service provider bears any charges levied by its own bank.

10. Note to Consultants:

• All CVs submitted should include the Date of Birth and Nationality of the Consultant.

• Consultant should quote in USD prices and/or use prices calculated using the Official UN Exchange Rates for the country.

• Consultants should indicate a proposed Start and End Date for completion of the Deliverables requested by the ILO.

• Candidates should be prepared to submit a copy of their national Passport upon Notification of Award.

• Professional Fees should include all costs associated with the Activity Deliverable.

• Consultants are not to add the VAT to their financial offer unless they are a VAT Registered Individual with the Sudanese VAT Authority.

• Consultants should be aware that all intellectual property rights arising from the contract are vested with the ILO however authorship will be acknowledged by the Organization; and

• Consultants will bear all charges levied by their own bank in receiving of managing funds transferred by ILO.

• The applying consultant shall not in any circumstance, be entitled to any payments other than those expressly provided in the proposal and agreed upon.

How to apply

1. Application procedure:**

· Interested service providers should send price quotations, CVs and sample graphic design works for publications by emailing [email protected] latest by 01 May 2022, 6:00 pm East Africa Time (5 PM Sudan time).

· All prices should be submitted in USD. If a quotation is submitted in a currency other than USD, the ILO will convert all prices into USD using the UN official exchange rate at the date of application to facilitate comparison and evaluation;

· Those applying as a team of consultants or firms will be disqualified.