Venezuela: Monitoring and Evaluation (MEAL) Manager – Caracas


Fixed term | 5 Months | ASAP


Created in 1993, ACTED is an international non-governmental organization pursuing a dual mandate of emergency response and development interventions in 40 of some of the world’s most vulnerable countries affected by conflicts, disasters or socio-economic hardship. With a team of 7,000 national staff and 400 international staff, ACTED implements 500 projects a year to support more than 20 million beneficiaries, notably in hard-to-reach areas.

ACTED goes to the last mile through programs and approaches that look beyond the immediate emergency towards opportunities for longer term livelihood reconstruction and sustainable development. Guided by the motto “Think Local, Act Global” and its 3Zero –Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, and Zero Poverty – strategy, ACTED puts local territories at the centre and provides a tailored support to local needs.

ACTED Colombia – Venezuela

For the past few decades Colombia has been affected by complex events of internal displacement due to the internal conflict and/or natural disasters. Since 2012, the country has experienced a sustained flow of migrants from its neighbour, Venezuela. This flow has recently intensified due to the increased economic constraints in the country and according to official sources; over 1.2 million migrants are currently present in Colombia, with more entering the country every day.

Additionally, the country is still facing complex internal conflicts situations that have been exacerbated by the increased criminal activity in the border areas. Moreover, Riohacha and the department of Guajira have been historically affected by prolonged droughts and overall lack of access to water, particularly in the rural areas inhabited by the Wayu indigenous people.

You will be in charge of

Coordination of M&E activities

– Develop and regularly update the country M&E strategy;

– Develop and regularly update an M&E work plan that includes all ongoing projects and planned M&E activities;

– Develop and oversee the implementation of appropriate data collection and analysis tools, methodologies (survey questionnaires, focus groups, key informant interviews, etc.) and data/information dissemination/use plans;

– Oversee the development, ongoing modification, strengthening and operation of country-level data management;

– Oversee data analysis and production of M&E reports;

– Oversee the provision of data to Project Development teams for use in preparing reports to donors and other key stakeholders, as needed;

– With the collaboration of the Coordination, initiate the necessary needs surveys to ensure the relevance of project proposals;

– Contribute to donor project proposals and funding efforts (particularly the design of the logical framework and formulation of SMART indicators) and reports, through analysis and interpretation of findings;

– Provide, where relevant, awareness and expertise on M&Es to involved partners and other ACTED-supported institutions.

2. Management of the M&E department and team

– Ensure that the department staff understands and is able to carry out its role and responsibilities;

– Ensure a positive work environment and good team dynamics;

– Implement regular staff evaluations and monitor career development.

3. Capacity Building and Training

– Identify training needs for the M&E team, discuss plans with coordination and HR for internal and external training, and implement in accordance with M&E strategy and operational priorities;

– Coach, train, and mentor M&Es with the goal of building technical capacity, sharing knowledge within the M&E team, and providing career development guidance.

4. Process Development

– Identify and design innovative practices to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of M&E procedures and project management and integrate them into the M&E country strategy;

– Implement M&E policies and procedures as described in ACTED’s M&E procedure and ensure that the tools are used and applicable to the intervention context;

5. Capitalization

– Contribute to the proactive dissemination and use of knowledge gained through M&E activities among Project Managers, Technical Coordinators and Project Managers and Development Officers;

– Organize and facilitate training sessions to capture best practices and lessons learned at project close-out or as needed;

– Document and share lessons learned and best practices and ensure that the knowledge gained contributes to project improvement and influences the strategic development of future projects and activities.

6. Implement the beneficiary Complaint Response Mechanism

– Establish, evaluate and monitor the functioning of the beneficiary Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM) in line with ACTED’s standard CRM procedures;

– Ensure that beneficiary complaints/returns are properly captured, analyzed, addressed and processed in a timely manner and used by the Program and Coordination teams;

– Oversee proper management of the CRM central database;

– Work to ensure that ACTED staff, partners and contractors understand and are skilled in the procedures of the CRM.

7. Other

– Provide supervisors and other team members with regular and timely updates on project progress and issues;

– Represent ACTED at high-level national forums, such as M&E technical working groups;

– Participate when possible in conferences and workshops related to M&E and keep abreast of best practices and new knowledge in the M&E sector.

– Perform any other related activities as assigned by the direct manager.

Expected skills and qualifications

  • University Degree in Political Sciences, Public Administration, International Affairs, Economics or a related field (anthropology, sociology, statistics)
  • At least 2-5 years of professional experience in humanitarian and/or development organisations
  • Experience with participatory appraisals and project cycle management encouraged
  • Good organizational and communication skills with international and national staff and rural communities
  • Ability to coordinate and manage a team
  • Teamwork and team building skills, capacity building skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability are essential, as well as the ability to plan, take initiative and work independently and under pressure
  • Excellent communication and drafting skills in English
  • Knowledge of the region is an asset
  • Familiarity with basic Office software programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and Kobo Toolbox


  • Salary between 2200 and 2400€ monthly (before income tax), depending on the level of education, security level, etc as well as a monthly living allowance of $300
  • Accommodation and food provided in ACTED guesthouse
  • Pension, health insurance, life insurance and repatriation assistance (& unemployment insurance for EU citizens)
  • Flight tickets every 6 months & visa fees covered
  • Contribution to the luggage transportation: up to 100 kgs, depending on the length of the contract
  • R&R every 3 months, flight tickets covered up to $500 and allowance of $200
  • Annual leave of 25 to 43 days per year
  • One week pre-departure training in ACTED HQ, including a 3-days in situ security training
  • Tax advice (free 30-minute call with a tax consultant)
  • Psychological assistance

How to apply

Send your application (resume and cover letter) to [email protected] Ref: MEALM/VEN

Please note that ACTED does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process.