ANNI Report Methodology Development Consultant

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  • Remote
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  • Salary: TBD
  • Closing date: 29 Apr 2022


I. Background and context

The Asian NGO Network on National Human Rights Institutions (ANNI) was established in December 2006, and is a network of Asian NGOs and human rights defenders working on issues relating to National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in their respective countries. In countries where there are NHRIs, the work of the ANNI members focuses on strengthening the work and functioning of Asian NHRIs to better promote and protect human rights, as well as to advocate for their improved compliance with international standards, including the Paris Principles and General Observations of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the Global Alliance of NHRIs (GANHRI). In countries where there are no NHRIs, ANNI, together with its members and partners, works with concerned stakeholders such as civil society organisations, representatives of the government, and other actors towards the establishment of independent and effective Paris Principles-compliant NHRIs.

One of the main activities of ANNI is the publication of the “***ANNI Report on the Performance and Establishment of NHRIs in Asia***”. These reports are published and disseminated as lobby or advocacy tools, whose target audiences primarily include human rights defenders and CSOs in different Asian countries, working on NHRI advocacy. The reports are also disseminated to NHRIs by ANNI members, to solicit their feedback (during the monitoring and reporting period), and are used to advocate not only for positive changes in their work and functioning, but to also make recommendations to governments. These reports also substantially inform ANNI’s interventions, such as the stakeholders’ submissions to GANHRI-SCA’s reviews and accreditation of NHRIs, as well as in other fora such as the Asia Pacific Forum’s (APF) Annual Conferences, and in regional and national-level consultations. ANNI has released Annual Reports from 2007 to 2020. Starting from 2021, the ANNI Report will be produced and published bi-annually.

FORUM-ASIA as the ANNI Secretariat, and the ANNI membership, is committed to dedicating increased focus to matters relating to the performance monitoring of NHRIs in Asia through the strengthening of the ANNI Report methodology in order to develop a more impactful publication. The current methodology draws the information on the work and functioning of NHRIs in Asia, in compliance with the Paris Principles, through the monitoring and documentation of ANNI members. FORUM-ASIA is looking to update the existing ANNI Report methodology to have a stronger engagement with the membership, NHRIs, as well as other regional and international stakeholders. Therefore, we seek to hire an ANNI Report Methodology Development Consultant. The National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI) Programme of FORUM-ASIA will serve as the focal point in overseeing the development of the ANNI Report Methodology.

II. Objectives

  • To review the current ANNI Report methodology;
  • To update the ANNI Report methodology in consultation with FORUM-ASIA, ANNI membership and relevant stakeholders;
  • To conduct a workshop of the updated ANNI Report methodology with ANNI members in preparation for the upcoming ANNI Report.

III. Description of tasks and deliverables

The consultant is to undertake the following tasks:

  • To refine the NHRIs scoring index collated from the ANNI membership in the development of the ANNI Report 2020 and develop an index report from the available data. This will be done through:

a) Revisiting the scoring made by ANNI members during the ANNI Report 2020 development;

b) Conducting consultations with relevant ANNI members in refining the NHRI scoring index.

  • To assess the current ANNI Report methodology used for the 2020 Report, identify gaps and challenges faced by the membership in using the methodology, and analyse improvements that can be made by:

a) Reviewing all relevant documents, including but not limited to the previous ANNI Reports, methodology used in the last ANNI Report, factsheets, and other documents, as required;

b) Conducting interviews and consultations with ANNI Members, ANNI Secretariat, relevant regional and international organisations (E.g.: APF, GANHRI, SEANF, NHRIs, etc.) to receive feedback on the ANNI Report methodology and areas of improvements;

c) Conducting desk research to enhance the impact of ANNI Report through the strengthening of its methodology.

  • To draft and finalise an updated ANNI Report methodology in coordination with the NHRI Programme;
  • To prepare and conduct a workshop for ANNI Members on the updated ANNI Report methodology in coordination with the NHRI Programme;

  • To communicate and coordinate all relevant tasks in timely manner as required by the NHRI Programme in the development of the updated ANNI Report methodology.

IV. Timeframe

A maximum of 30 working days are expected. The assignment will tentatively start in May 2022 and end in July 2022.

V. Working relationship and contractual arrangements

The consultant will be working under the overall supervision of the FORUM-ASIA’s management team and in consultation with the NHRI Programme with this following information:

· FORUM-ASIA is responsible for the contractual arrangement. The management will provide additional guidance on the assignment where needed; and

· The consultant is under the obligation of confidentiality. Information, data, database, knowledge resources in the forms of briefings and reports issued by FORUM-ASIA remain the property of the organisation.

VI. Qualifications and requirements

Qualifications and requirements

· Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s degree is preferable) in human rights, law, international law, gender, or other relevant fields;

· Experience in developing research methodology on human rights reports, in particular on NHRIs in Asia. The Consultant will have a proven ability in conducting research, and possess strong report writing skills;

· Experience in conducting training, interviews, consultations, and facilitating discussions with diverse groups of people;

· Experience in gender mainstreaming preferred;

· 5-7 years of experience in relevant field, with exceptional skills on research and methodology development;

· Strong analytical skills, exceptional ability in communication and writing in English; and

· Ability to work with multiple stakeholders, and adapt to their requirements.

VII. Budget

The budget for the assignment includes a fee of USD 4500. Other costs incurred in relation to fieldwork, if required, including costs for economy-class travel, local airport transfers and local transportation in the home and destination countries, standard accommodation costs, phone credit, and per diem, will follow FORUM-ASIA’s Financial Rules and Regulations.

VIII. Key reference documents

The consultant will have full access to all relevant documents as needed to undertake the assignment namely:

· ANNI Reports;

· ANNI Report Methodology;

· NHRIs Scoring Index;

· Any other relevant documents.

How to apply

Interested applicants are requested to fill in Job Application Form and return it by email together with a cover-letter, CV to [email protected] before 29 April 2022, midnight Bangkok Time (UTC+7), stating “Consultant Application Name” in the subject line. Please note that late applications will not be considered. CV of the interested applicant should contain a full description of relevant qualifications and professional work experience.

Only short-listed candidates will be invited to an interview between 2 and 13 May 2022.