Development of an e-publication for the Mixed Migration Review 2022

Danish Refugee Council


The Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) is a leading source for independent and high-quality data, research, analysis and expertise on mixed migration. The MMC aims to increase understanding of mixed migration, to positively impact global and regional migration policies, to inform evidence-based protection responses for people on the move and to stimulate forward thinking in public and policy debates on mixed migration. The MMC’s overarching focus is on human rights and protection for all people on the move. MMC focuses on 6 regions, with regional teams in each of these: Eastern Africa & Yemen; North Africa; West Africa; Asia, Europe and Latin America and Caribbean. Read more about the MMC here: The MMC is part of the Danish Refugee Council.

Since 2018 MMC publishes the Mixed Migration Review (MMR), a review of mixed migration around the world focusing on key events and policy developments during the past year. The reports always include a series of essays looking at the most salient and polemical issues facing the refugee and migration sectors with respect to mixed flows, as well as a series of interviews with individuals and officials closely associated with or relevant to the sector and its challenges. The MMR is based on a wide range of secondary research as well as exclusive access to MMC’s 4Mi data. The report offers a deep analytical dive into the world of mixed migration. By offering a platform for debate and different voices, with this report the MMC aims to contribute to a more rational and less politicized analysis of mixed migration. Previous editions of the MMR are available here. Last years e-publication is available here: Mixed Migration Review 2021 Interactive

The MMR is MMC’s flagship and annual global report, directly contributing to two of MMC’s overall objectives: 1) To contribute to a better, more nuanced and balanced understanding of mixed migration (knowledge) and 2) To contribute to evidence-based and better-informed migration policies and debates (policy).


To raise the profile of MMC’s flagship annual report and increase both the dissemination and engagement with the report MMC is seeking consultancy services to develop this year’s report into an e-publication, in close cooperation with and under the guidance of the MMC in Geneva. The specific objectives, tasks and responsibilities and deliverables are listed below.


The development of the MMR2022 into an e-publication, which is interactive and easy to use, to be hosted on the website (wordpress).


  • Development of proposals for the structure and interactive elements of the MMR2022 e-publication in accordance with the budget. Developing as standard MMR e-publication structure online (in wordpress) than can be used again by MMC in-house staff with updated content for subsequent editions of the MMR.
  • Active suggestion of interesting features/elements for the MMR2022 e-publication.
  • Development of the agreed upon structure with placeholder text while the MMR2022 is being finalized by the external consultant and design team.
  • The collation of all final approved content into the structure of the e-publication with the overall structure, style, scope and design in line with the previous MMRs to ensure consistency and recognition.
  • Full responsibility for ensuring the e-publication is hosted and all interactive elements functional on the website (wordpress) and availability in case of technical issues.
  • Recruiting, sub-contracting and managing any additional designers/web developers (if not available in-house), including all administrative and contractual aspects.


  • MMC will provide timely input/feedback and guidance to all aspects of the consultant’s deliverables, such as access to the website’s backend where needed and the MMC design guide.
  • MMC will be responsible to make all content of the Mixed Migration Review 2022 available for the production of the e-pub.
  • MMC is responsible for providing the final content for the e-publication, including text and pictures featured in the Mixed Migration Review 2022.
  • MMC is responsible for providing any additional promotional material to be featured in the e-pub which is not part of the regular Mixed Migration Review 2022 publication.


The consultancy will be home-based and the duration of the assignment is approximately 7 months between May 2022 and the end of November 2021. The e-publication must be ready for the launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2022, foreseen sometime in the late November or early December of 2022, the precise date is yet to be determined.

The Mixed Migration Report 2022 will follow the same structure as the MMR’s of previous years. As such, it is expected the structure of the e-publication can already be developed, while actual textual content is not yet finalized. The final textual content the report will be ready approximately 3 weeks before the launch date, and can only then be included in the e-publication. The consultant will need to address the feasibility of this timeline.

The consultant will receive 30% of the total fee upon signature, 70% upon the full and satisfactory completion of the deliverables.


The primary contact point for the consultant/consultancy firm will be:

Fiona Servaes, MMC Global Communication Officer ([email protected])

As the Mixed Migration Review is MMC’s flagship annual report, the work will entail a close cooperation with several staff within the MMC team and the graphic designer for the MMR2022, under the overall guidance by the Head of MMC.


All information presented, obtained and produced is to be treated as MMC/DRC’s property and is considered as confidential for all other purposes than what is outlined in the ToR.

Selected consultant/firm is upon signing of the contract required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The material prepared by the consultant cannot be sold, used or reproduced in any manner (partially or in full) by the consultant without prior permission from MMC/DRC.

The MMR2022 e-pub will be published as an MMC publication, but the consultant/firm will receive full credit and be acknowledged as the lead designer, along with any other (subcontracted) designers.


The bids will be evaluated based on the lowest priced compliant technical bid.

Expected profile/qualifications

  • Consolidated experience in graphic design, publishing and layout.
  • Experience in producing publications for the web with proven track record of producing e-publications or similar online interactive outputs is essential.
  • Experience working with wordpress is essential.
  • Capacity to think creatively and develop new design concepts.
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines while maintaining precision and quality.
  • Working experience in development or humanitarian sphere is desirable.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.


Interested applicants who meet the required profile are invited to submit an expression of interest including:

i.The CV(s) of participating consultants with details of qualifications and experience.

ii. Brief technical proposal that summarizes understanding of the TOR, methodology and tools to be used. The technical proposal should only include a preliminary suggested outline and design for the MMR2022 e-publication (1000 words max), including any suggestions for special features/elements. Samples of previous work may be included where relevant.

iii. Financial proposal (Request for quotation from attached on the tender package) for the MMR022 e-pub providing a lumpsum total in CHF for delivering on all requested output. All costs (including all subcontracting and travel costs) are to be included in the lumpsum consultancy, VAT should not be included.

iv. Copy of ID and company registration

Please forward the RFQ, in English and marked “MMR2022 E-publication” no later than 13 May 2022.

How to apply

If interested please send an email to [email protected]