Evidence-based Community Anticipatory Action and Health Frameworks and Early Action Plans

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International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

Job Purpose

Evidence-based community Anticipatory Action and Health Frameworks and Early Action Plans to enhance anticipation, preparedness, and early response to epidemics and pandemics.

The purpose of the consultancy is to support Norcross and IFRC in developing guidance and methodology to produce evidence-based AA & Health Frameworks and Early Action Plans, which can assist Red Cross National Societies in the Americas region to implement Public anticipatory action within the framework of enhancing anticipation, preparedness and response to epidemics and pandemics.

The consultancy will provide clear guidance about what health risks /diseases are more relevant and suitable to be considered for AA in the Region, based on available ways to forecast them and reliable and meaningful indicators and triggers. It will outline the main components to be considered in developing AA frameworks for those conditions and define a standardized package of early actions to be included in the Early Action Plans (EAP).

The guidance and methodology will be developed through a desktop review of previous programs and initiatives, existing materials/ tools and evidence-based frameworks withinand outside IFRC networks, and extensive consultations with IFRC and National Societies and external stakeholders as needed.

Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • List of health risks/diseases to be considered in AA and Health, with sound evidence-based justification, based on incidence, relevance, and feasibility (health risks with high impact on the public health of populations and with a focus on affection on the specific population at most risk: people living in Fragile and Conflict Settings (FGS), last mile communities, etc. and for which early warning early action approach brings most benefit and mitigation).
  • For each health risk /disease, clear and specific indicators, triggers, and the means to measure and monitor them.
  • A guidance document detailing the key components to be considered in developing the AA and Health Frameworks with a straightforward methodology to go throughout the entire process until the framework is developed.
  • For each health risk/disease, a list of evidence-based relevant and feasible early action activities is to be put in place by RC NS.
  • Recommendations for Norcross and IFRC on moving forward with RC NS in supporting the development of frameworks and EAP.

(Note: the consultant will also deliver all the material concerning the desk review process and interviews with key informants

Proposed Steps to Follow.

  1. Desktop research and review of previous AA and Health programs, initiatives, frameworks, and EAP within and out the Region and within and out of the RCRC movement, as well as existing tools and resources.
  2. Consultation and interviews with various RCRC stakeholders, including Norcross, IFRC regional offices and field offices, National Societies, and other critical stakeholders like Climate Centre, START Network, REAP, OCHA, PAHO, IFRC Anticipatory Hub, etc.
  3. Develop and submit an initial draft based on the steps above.
  4. The initial draft will be analyzed by Norcross and IFRC technical teams and may be shared with various RCRC stakeholders for review and feedback.
  5. Submit the second draft incorporating the feedback. The second draft may be shared again with the same group of stakeholders for another round of review.
  6. Submit the final draft and presentation after incorporating the feedback and inputs for final review and validation.
  7. Finalize and submit all deliverables.

Some available material (as an example of resources available) can be found here:

https://www.early-action-reap.org/ https://startnetwork.org/anticipation-and-risk-financing https://centre.humdata.org/anticipatory-action/ https://anticipatory-action-toolkit.unocha.org/ https://www.ifrc.org/early-warning-early-action https://www.anticipation-hub.org/ https://preparecenter.org/site/ifrcalerthubinitiative/

Management of the consultant

The consultant will be line managed by the IFRC ARO Emergency Health Coordinator and the Norcross regional technical advisor. The position may be home-based, with travel to Norcross and IFRC offices when needed. Regular meetings to discuss and monitor the Public development of the consultancy are expected. Interviews with NS and stakeholders will take place through virtual meeting platforms and facilitated by IFRC and Norcross.

Proposed time frame.

Seventy-five (75) working days from October 1st, 2022, until December 15th, 2022.

No extension will be considered.


  • Advanced university degree (master’s or equivalent) in Public Health/Global Health.


  • At least five years of working experience in the humanitarian sector with a focus on communicable diseases or/and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD).
  • Experience in implementing AA frameworks and EAP programs.
  • Experience in practically applying knowledge to programs.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise in Anticipatory Action and Health, epidemic and pandemic preparedness and response, and Climate Change.
  • Strong knowledge of the American context and health risks in the Region.
  • Preferred experience of working with the RCRC movement.

Knowledge, Skills and Language

  • Gender & diversity sensitivity and adaptability.


  • Fluent in Spanish and English. Good command of another IFRC official language (French or Arabic) is a plus

How to apply

Applications must be submitted in English and should include the following information in ONE (1) PDF document:

  1. Curriculum Vitae of the consultant (or consultancy Team).
  2. The cover letter summarizing experience and suggested approach to the work.
  3. Clear working methodology with a plan, the proposed desk review process, expected interviews, and field visits (if considered).
  4. Financial proposal (with all the costs considered).
  5. Three (3) professional references.
  6. Selection of the awarded proposal will be based on the technical approach to the work, methodology, knowledge and experience, and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Interested candidates, please apply on this link: https://www.ifrc.org/jobs/details.html?&nPostingId=8456&nPostingTargetId=106966&id=PZ8FK026203F3VBQB79LO79OB&LG=UK&mask=newtempconfig

Closing date: 13-Oct-22