Finance Manager

Physicians Across Continents - Turkey

Job Title: Finance Manager

Line Manager: CEO

Workplace: Turkey-Gaziantep/Northwest Syria


PAC is an active NGO established in 2012, registered in Turkey, active in NWS, with other small operations offices in both Yemen and Sudan.

In NWS; PAC is a leading organization in both the health and Nutrition sectors through several central programs that work to improve the resilience of crisis-affected communities in NWS.

PAC’s programs always aimed to build and support the active health and nutrition systems in the target areas through maintaining a high level of integration across several sectors and leads central services to facilitate the provision of the service that other actors are running in NWS.

PAC is fully applying for the Protection against sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) principles in all its work stages, as well, PAC is highly committed to creating a safe service provision environment based on humanitarian principles, and international humanitarian law, clean of any racism.

PAC expects the Finance Manager to be an experienced, highly qualified, and enthusiastic professional to provide professional guidance and direct support to PAC operations within the NWS while helping develop the related policies and ensuring a high level of financial compliance.

This position is a senior managerial one, requiring a strong previous experience in finance management and within the humanitarian sector and/or international organizations, while also requesting a solid understanding of the different procedures and policies in place. This position also requires full professional proficiency in the English language.

The main responsibilities and tasks of the Finance Manager are the following:

-Management & Coordination

  • To ensure the efficient management and supervision of the staff members of the Finance Department, this includes daily supervision of the tasks, follow-up of the targets defined, and appraisal of the staff members
  • To monitor the respect of the financial rules and regulations among all PAC staff members.
  • To contribute as much as possible to efficient communication and relevant sharing of information, with HQ and the different donors regarding any financial point, including potential financial issues, forthcoming audits, financial reporting, and financial risks.
  • To guarantee the follow-up in terms of any payment, reimbursement, or report to be done at the HQ Office and the Projects.
  • To work efficiently and in good collaboration with the other Managers/ Coordinators of PAC, especially in terms of information-sharing with the Operations, Human Resources, and Supply Chain.
  • To regularly visit the Places that are covered by the PAC and to provide technical guidance to the Finance Members and Finance Coordinators

-Finance (Accounting & Reporting)

  • To ensure an efficient and strong budget follow-up and cost control of the projects managed by the PAC (including timely closure of the monthly accounting, achievement of the shared costs rules, and timely booking of reconciliations).
  • To reinforce the financial rules and regulations in the PAC and for each project managed by the PAC, including the quality and compliance standards of the financial supporting documentation attached to every voucher to ensure their good financial performance, and to cross-check regularly.
  • To participate in the follow-up of the financial monthly management reports.
  • To guarantee the quality review of the annual budgets provided including the coherence, conformity, and eligibility of the information provided
  • To support in terms of financial closure, financial reporting, and follow-up
  • To ensure the follow-up of the PAC bank accounts and the situation of the liquidity, including submitting the Bank Transfer Requests.
  • To contribute to the elaboration of the budgets in the projects proposals managed By PAC and review the budgets for the projects proposals developed
  • To monitor the financial management by following up on the budget consumption and by controlling the funding coverage and costs engaged, while regularly updating the Master Budget.
  • To regularly analyze the financial data obtained and provide reliable data to the senior management.

-Audit & Compliance

  • To take the lead in case of any financial audit of projects be monitored, and to potentially assist/ support the HQ for audit concerning its operations/ projects
  • To check and monitor the full compliance of the financial document’s expenses, taking into account the internal requirements of PAC but also the external requirements in terms of compliance (donors and legal obligations).
  • To provide guidance for the respect of compliance regards to the internal compliance requirements while also advising for the external compliance requirements.
  • To ensure occasional internal financial audits of projects in the NWS.


  • To contribute to the development and elaboration of new learning materials for the Finance staff members
  • To train the staff of the Finance Department about the PAC procedures and the use of the Finance System program
  • To contribute to the capacity-building of the Finance staff members during the field visits.
  • To advise on and promote understanding and application of PAC policies, procedures, and principles.

All the tasks mentioned above will be primarily done from PAC HQ Office in Gaziantep -Turkey. but travels within the Region (northwest Syria) can represent a significant amount of time, potentially equivalent on average to fifty percent (50%) of the working time per month. In addition to the above, the Finance Manager may be asked to carry out other duties requested by the CEO.

-Required Qualifications

  • Minimum Five (5) years of experience With the Grants of UN & INGOs
  • University degree +(Master) in Economics, Business Administration or Management, or another relevant field is required.
  • Proven leadership skills and competence in people management.
  • Significant experience in grant management and understanding of institutional fund-raising.
  • Proven significant financial management experience.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and influencing skills with a well-developed ability to motivate and persuade at high levels.
  • Proficiency (written and spoken) in English.
  • Excellent Computer Skills (MS Office, Internet) and advanced proficiency in Excel are required.

– Required Skills & Qualities

  • Collaboration
  • Taking the lead
  • Demonstrating Integrity
  • Teamwork and a spirit of genuine collaboration
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Multi-tasking and Organizational skills
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills

– General Regulations

  • The employee shall follow PAC instructions on safety, confidentiality, and ethical guidelines, including the Code of Conduct.
  • The employee is expected to know the Code of Conduct and cannot pretend not to be aware of any of the Code of Conduct requirements and disposition.
  • The employee should not engage in any other paid activity during the PAC contract period without prior authorization.
  • The employee should not engage in any activity that could harm PAC or the implementation of any project during the contract period.

How to apply

Deadline: 25 Mar 2023