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Job Description:

Posted on: 27/12/2022

Desired start date: 20/01/2023
Duration of the mission: 12 months
Location: Zahle


Lebanon hosts about 1.5 million Syrian refugee, mainly in its Northern governorates (Akkar and Tripoli) and in the Bekaa Valley. SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) has launched its operations in Lebanon in March 2013 to address immediate needs of both Syrian refugees and Lebanese affected by the crisis. Ever since, SI in Lebanon has transitioned towards more integrated programs to still address basic needs such as WASH, Shelter, Health and protection (the 2 latter through partners). In 2020, SI Lebanon started an ambitious DRRM project, funded by the AFD, and which aims at developing a river-basin integrated model to prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies such as floods. In 2021 SI Lebanon started a EU-funded (MADAD) WASH project to work with local Water authorities (North Lebanon Water Establishment) to improve the functioning of water supply networks. SI is also addressing the consequences of the Beirut Blast response through a two-phased project to rehabilitate damaged dwe lling units and public spaces (in partnership with the Lebanese and French Red Cross).

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s mission in Lebanon has two operational bases (Tripoli and Zahle) and a coordination office in Beirut.

The expatriate team consists of 8 staffs members, while the national team represents about 110 staff members.

The mission’s overall budget iw around 10M Euros in 2023.

Key sectors of intervention for the mission are the following:

  • Emergency WASH service provision in informal settlements (UNICEF)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Management (AFD)
  • Research Project on the reduction of faecal sludge volume (Bio Additives – AERMC)
  • Livelihood and Agricutural support to farmers and vulnerable Household (CIAA)
  • Wash infrastructures development (EU/MADAD – LHF)
  • Mapping of informal settlements (MEDAIR/UNHCR)
  • Cash assistance third party monitoring system (CAMEALEON)


The field coordinator’s position is Bekaa is a standard full-scale SI Field Coordinator position covering the Bekaa region. It includes:

  • Context & Security

Understanding of the context & environment is essential to ensure a reasonable balance in the safety rules and to monitor the situation effectively. Despite the country’s small size, Lebanon is very complex and neighbouring villages can have fundamental differences. The Bekaa region summarizes this complexity well with all religious, political and tribal groups well represented.

The variety of the religious components of the region (Christians, Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Druze) translate into a variety of political affiliations. Zahle, the city where SI is based and in which most of our activities occur, despite a recent activities opening in Baalbek, has a predominantly Catholic population. In its immediate surroundings, you can find cities with

predominantly Sunni inhabitants (Saadnayel), Shiaa strongholds (Jalala area in Taalabaya) or Armenian towns (Anjar). This medley is reflected on one hand in the open-mindedness of the people who are used to coexistence on a daily basis. On the other hand, it is also reflected in some form of fragility with disputes – often personal by nature – having the potential to escalate to sectarian tensions.

  • Representation

Acting as the delegated Country Director for the Bekaa region, the Field Coordinator represents the organization at the regional level.

The humanitarian response in Lebanon has always been relatively complex due to the multitude of actors both national and international, and for political sensitivities related to the refugee presence. Humanitarian coordination is therefore a key component of the role. Presence at sectorial working groups (WASH, Food Security & Agriculture, Livelihood & Social Stability…) ensures SI proper visibility for its programs as well as non-duplication of efforts, compliance with sectorial guidelines and complementarity. These groups also allow for quick coordination in times of crisis.

  • Management

As a head of office, the field coordinator is accountable for the whole base’s staff. He/she directly manages 7 National colleagues who in turn manage their respective departments and programs:

  • Security and Liaison Manager
  • Agriculture and Livelihood Program manager
  • WASH/Infrastructure Program Manager
  • MEAL Manager
  • IM Program Manager
  • Logistic Manager
  • Administrative Manager


  • Context: A quick understanding of the context is fundamental especially with the recent developments and an expected complexification of the landscape.

The political, confessional, societal, but mostly feudal-type dynamics are quite hard to understand at first but have a considerable impact on security and operations. The recent opening of activities/project in Baalbek/Hermel will require adequate and frequent

follow up on this specific area as well as to be frequently updated in link with future need assessment more North.

  • Human Resources: SI Bekaa base has been through difficult moment in 2022 (restructuration following-up grant loss) but succeeded to develop new projects. Therefore, the base is growing-up again with new staff and profiles – Induction and continuity of the follow up will be key (training plan, EAPs, etc.)
  • Logistics: As new projects has arised, new market assessments (in type and location) are on the go and will be continued in 2023.– as the current economic situation is impacted by inflation of imported goods and devaluation of the currency (1 USD = 47 000 LBP), the monitoring of the market assessment will be key and also a matter of security follow up in some region SI is operating (Baalbek- Hermel region)
  • Programs: Lebanon is a fast evolving context, thus the Humanitarian Response in Lebanon is likely to shift some of its priorities. Providing valid context analysis and proposing operational directions and strategic inputs will be essential to SI.

Priorities for the first 3 months

The main priorities are the following:

  • Provide leadership and support to the team in Zahlé. (some of them being new to the position or to the structure) and liaise with the Coordination to ensure they provide guidance.
  • Closely follow-up implentation of the new projects: CIAA (Agriculture) and LHF (borehole solarization)
  • Closely follow-up the preparation of the AFD infrastructure and integration with LRC (Lebanese Red Cross)
  • Finalize the BPRM and BMZ full proposals (in case the CN are selected)
  • Continue needs assessments in Baalbek and start first contact further (networking and security assessments) further North
  • Finalize the update of the security packs
  • Get familiar with the Bekaa context and start networking

Budget Forecast for the base:

The base is currently running 5 projects:

  • AFD/DANIDA: Disaster Risk Management project
  • CIAA: Agriculture and Livelihood project
  • Bio Additives – AERMC: WASH research project
  • LHF/OCHA pool funded – 2 projects on WASH/Infrastructure activities (solarization of Borehole)

The EU MADAD project, while focused around the North (the other SI Base in Lebanon) specially for the infrastructure component, have some activities in the Bekaa on the WASH in ITS component but managed by North base team through visit to Bekaa region.

Overall, the financial visibility for SI Bekaa is currently good (approximately 10 month visibility on average in 2023) with projects going up to 2024 (AFD/DANIDA and EU-MADAD).



  • Bachelor/Master degree in business administration, Finance, HR, Logistics, Political Sciences, International Relations, International Organisation Management or other relevant field


  • At least 2 years’ experience in the field at similar positions.
  • Proficiency in excel, word, outlook. Strong data management skills can be an asset.
  • Experience in conflict/post-conflict contexts, preferably with experience in supporting Nexus approaches.
  • Previous experience in the Middle East highly desirable, ideally in Lebanon.
  • Previous experience with SI is highly desirable and an asset.
  • Experience in external coordination and development of local partnerships an asset.

Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Diplomacy and negotiation
  • Team management: capacity to manage a multi-disciplinary team
  • Ability to delegate, build capacity and create a positive atmosphere

Transferable skills:

  • Leadership
  • Autonomy
  • Flexibility
  • Analysis and solution oriented.
  • Excellent organisational and prioritisation skills, and the ability to multi-task.
  • Stress management: ability to work under pressure, to meet tight deadlines, to face workload peaks
  • Diplomacy, cultural sensitivity, negotiation skills


  • Fluency in English (Speaking, Reading, Writing) is compulsory
  • Arabic an asset (official language in the country)
  • French a plus

Other qualities:

  • Commitment to the fundamental principles of SI’s charter and ethos.


Solidarités International will offer you:

A salaried post: according to experience from 2600 euros gross per month, plus 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly and a monthly per diem of 750 USD.

Vacation: during the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of one break every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7-day break during the 3rd and the 9th month (with 750 USD allocated by Solidarités). He or she will also be entitled to go back to his or her home country for a 14-day period after six months spent on the mission (Solidarités will cover travel costs).

Social and medical cover: Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.


Expatriates are hosted in Zahle’s guesthouse (10-minute drive from the office), with possibility to be hosted in the mission’s other guest houses (Beirut, Tripoli) when required to move on SI’s other bases.

In Zahle, the guesthouse is located inside the city, at walking distance from all facilities, shops & restaurants. Each international staff member has its own room. There is Wi-Fi, electricity 24h, central heating system and air conditioning. Zahle being the capital of the governorate, most humanitarian agencies have offices there.

Located about 1000m above sea level, Zahle is on the verge of Mount Lebanon and the Beqaa valley. Temperatures go, roughly, from zero Celsius in winter (with several snow storms per year, blocking the direct road access to Beirut) to 35 in summer. Ski resorts and beaches are accessible for day trips. Zahle is the biggest Christian city of the Middle East, and there are no specific restrictions relating to clothing.

If the expatriate has passed his driving-licence more than a year ago, he/she is entitled to drive Solidarités International’s vehicles, including evenings and week-ends, after a driving test and following the mission’s specific driving SOPs.


Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English. CV only applications will not be considered.

NB: The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension

For further information about SI, please visit our website: http://www.solidarites.org/en/

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Closing date: 26 Jan 2023