Mission Security Officer


1. Reporting Line:

The Mission Security Officer reports to the Deputy Senior Mission Security Officer/Head of Security Division.

2. Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

· To assist the Senior Mission Security Officer in the development, implementation and updating of the Mission Security Plan and all supporting security and safety documents, instructions and procedures;

· To assess the security situation and to provide comprehensive reports to the Senior Mission Security Officer on all incidents affecting Mission members;

· To assist the Senior Mission Security Officer in reviewing the security phases;

· To work in close cooperation with the Mission Support Department in matters related to the procurement of security related equipment and services;

· To elaborate in-depth planning and execution of security operations;

· To support in the identification, development, delivery and auditing of security training requirements;

· In line with the EU Policy of EU staff deployed outside the EU in an operational capacity under Title V of the Treaty on European Union:

o To perform security reviews of personal protective equipment, transport and residences and Mission Offices;

o To ensure all security and communications equipment is operational and ready to use;

o To conduct regular security drills, communication tests and evacuation exercises;

o To provide briefings and presentations to Mission members on matters related to safety and security to ensure staff are prepared for emergencies;

o To liaise and cooperate with national law enforcement agencies, international organisations, NGOs, other EU bodies and diplomatic representatives on security matters;

o To provide assistance to Mission members and ensure all necessary actions are taken, particularly in emergency cases;

o To travel to all Mission areas including high-risk areas as required;

· To liaise and coordinate with the Operations room;

· Authorised to carry an issued personal weapon, used for purposes of self-defence.

3. General Tasks and Responsibilities:

· To identify and report on lessons learned and best practices within the respective area of responsibility;

· To contribute and ensure timely reporting on activities within the respective area of responsibility;

· To take account of gender equality and human rights aspects in the execution of tasks;

· To undertake any other related tasks as requested by the Line Manager(s).

4. Essential Qualifications and Experience:

· Successful completion of University studies of at least 3 years attested by a diploma OR a qualification at the level in the National Qualifications Framework equivalent to level 6 in the European Qualifications Framework OR a qualification of the first cycle under the framework of qualifications of the European Higher Education Area, e.g. Bachelor’s Degree OR equivalent and attested police and/or military education or training or an award of an equivalent rank; AND

· A minimum of 4 years of relevant professional experience, after having fulfilled the education requirements. **

5. Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Planning and time-management skills;

· Analytical skills;

6. Desirable Qualifications and Experience:

· Master’s degree in security studies, security and defence studies, peace and conflict studies, intelligence or other related fields;

· Valid license for armoured vehicles or C or C1 Driving license;

· Successful completion of EU Mission Security Officer Certification Course or equivalent;

· International experience, particularly in crisis areas with multinational and international organisations;

· Successful completion of CPCC Medical Security Certification Course or equivalent medical training;

· Firearms trained;

7. Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Knowledge of potential security threats in the Mission area;

· Demonstrated ability to contribute creatively to the development of security policies and procedures;

· Highly resilient under pressure;

· Knowledge of CSDP security and duty of care policies.

How to apply


  1. You have the nationality of an EU Member State: You must use Goalkeeper to apply:

a) You are already registered on Goalkeeper AND you have an EU Login:


b) You do not have a Goalkeeper account or an EU Login:


  1. You do not have the nationality of an EU Member State:

only seconded nationals of a non-EU Contributing Third State can be proposed by their National Seconding Authority (no personal applications will be considered): please contact your

seconding authority to send them your application form.

Please note: Seconded positions are only available for candidates already validated in

the database of their Seconding Authority. Please contact your national Seconding

Authority for more information on applying for vacant Seconded positions. We cannot

provide contact details of national Seconding Authorities.

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