OTI Training Team Leader – Washington, DC (GS-14)

US Agency for International Development

The OTI Training Team Leader is a full-time Personal Services Contract (PSC) position at the GS-14 equivalent level and located in Washington, DC. Offers for this position are due no later than October 10, 2022 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please read the entire solicitation at www.OTIjobs.net.


OTI’s success now and in the future depends in large part on its ability to achieve an overarching organizational goal: the effective transfer and ongoing analysis of knowledge and experience – comprised of values, management processes, lessons learned, best practices, standards, and innovations – in real time, with a variety of stakeholders. These stakeholders include: OTI staff in the field and headquarters; OTI’s implementing partners around the world; USAID Missions overseas; other USAID offices and bureaus in Washington; other U.S. Government agencies and branches; other donors; other transition, stabilization and reconstruction practitioners; host government and/or other local counterparts; and the U.S. public. All of the above increases OTI’s level of transparency and accountability.

To this end, the Training Team advances OTI’s mission by connecting and developing training and learning opportunities for staff and implementing partners to enable effective programming. The Training Team also furthers OTI’s impact by contributing to Bureau and Agency-led training and learning efforts in support of country programs, our staff, and the wider office. Specifically, the Training Team serves as expert trainers, facilitators, designers, and activity managers for core training and learning events, while developing innovative learning resources and assets, such as e-learning courses, micro-tutorials, and how-to guides. In addition, the Training Team liaises with teams and subject matter experts across the office as well as with the Bureau and Agency to develop in-demand training and learning opportunities for staff and programs. The Training Team continues to further OTI’s aims, impacts, and lessons learned to equip staff and programs to be more effective. The OTI Training Team supports a model of organizational learning across the office that helps ensure:

  1. Increased exchange of ideas between headquarters and field teams;
  2. Increased opportunities for peer-to-peer dialogue, learning, and skills development;
  3. Easier access to content, and learning resources for a variety of stakeholders;
  4. More guidance available in online format;
  5. Provision of tools to identify and apply OTI’s programming lessons to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of OTI programs.

The Training Team Leader supports OTI’s mission by: supporting the design and coordination of innovative solutions that are adapted to OTI’s fast-paced global needs; by building the knowledge, skills and abilities of OTI staff to continually improve country program performance; supporting and facilitating learning and training events; and providing support services ranging from procurement to linkages with private sector partners. The Training and Learning Team supports learning and innovation through the application of technology – including OTI’s knowledge management platforms and the latest facilitation and online collaboration tools supported by OTI’s mapping, data visualization, and other analytic teams – to continually improve OTI staff and country program analysis, management and performance. The Training and Learning team ensures the effective integration of lessons and knowledge into OTI’s learning and training resources through close coordination with other units, teams, and divisions within OTI to achieve these goals.


  • Independently lead the design, development and delivery of innovative learning and training solutions, including organizing and planning events to increase OTI and implementing partner staff members’ application of OTI’s program practices and lessons learned;
  • Provide expert specialized assistance and decision-making leadership in defining and continuously improving the office’s approach to training design, delivery and evaluation, ensuring high quality, incorporating the latest industry innovations, and compliance with Agency standards;
  • Provide intellectual, strategic, and managerial leadership in the formulation and implementation of OTI’s worldwide strategies for learning and training, in close collaboration with the Field Programs Division, and other key stakeholders;
  • Manage the Training Team, including supervising, mentoring, coaching, and evaluating the Training Team staff;
  • Oversee the planning and oversight of the logistical, budget, administrative, human resources, and contractual mechanisms in support of Training Team activities;
  • Serve as an expert on policy interpretation and implementation related to design and management of training and learning programs across a broad range of program areas – from new hire onboarding, to field-focused program learning, to long-term strategic planning for building OTI’s facilitation resources;
  • Establish systems and processes to ensure that training resources and materials are up to date with the latest guidance, language, graphics, case examples, etc; and ensure that staff and partners have easy access to training resources, guidance, and administrative support;
  • Conduct planning and data analyses activities in overseeing the design and evaluation of training and learning methods, systems, tools, and events;
  • Lead the Training Team’s collaboration with OTI’s Operations and Management Division (OMD) regarding new and transitioning employee onboarding and exit processes, as well as ongoing staff development and performance management;
  • Manage collaboration with OTI’s key learning stakeholders, including senior management, to ensure consideration of interconnected issues and different approaches; and manage complicated coordination across the office with regards to priorities, content development, strategic planning, and opportunities to leverage each other’s work;
  • Serve as the Training Team representative on the OTI Programming Principles (OPP) Steering Committee, advising and coordinating with OTI Senior Management officials on the timing, frequency, participation, and technical content-related aspects of this critical OTI event;
  • Represent OTI in inter- and intra-agency working groups on learning and training related to transition assistance and/or working in complex environments;
  • Represent and articulate OTI’s mission and global programs to select visitors, officials from international organizations, bilateral donors, and national and foreign government officials. Serve as a liaison with other DCHA offices, USAID divisions and the State Department to develop appropriate program and policy direction;
  • Carry out higher representational responsibilities, including serving as Acting Division Chief or Acting Deputy Division Chief;
  • Lead or be a member of Technical evaluation committees, as needed, for OTI procurements;
  • Strategically identify, develop, and maintain professional relationships with key stakeholders within OTI, the CPS bureau, and across the agency; and,
  • Serve on temporary details within OTI, other USAID bureaus/offices, or other USG agencies under this scope of work for a period not to exceed six (6) months. Duties performed while on detail must be directly related to the scope of work. Contracting Officer (CO) approval is required for the temporary detail. Any extension past the six (6) months requires CO approval.


At the GS-14 Training Team Leader level:

1. A Master’s Degree with seven (7) years of work experience;


A Bachelor’s Degree with nine (9) years of work experience;


An Associate’s Degree with eleven (11) years of work experience;


A High School Diploma/equivalent with thirteen (13) years of work experience;


2. Five (5) years of project management experience where the offeror’s work included focus on organizational, program or individual learning and/or training solutions, systems and strategies;

3. Two (2) years of experience leading and/or managing programs with an international development focus, or community development experience working with underserved communities in the United States. Experience may be with private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), or government organizations (local, state, and/or federal);

4. Two (2) years supervisory experience (including mentoring, guiding, and/or training staff).

Please direct questions about this position or the offer process to the OTI Recruitment Team at [email protected].

How to apply

For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please visit www.OTIjobs.net.

Closing date: 10/10/2022