Programme Funding Manager


Salary- £36,000 to £49,000 per annum

Grade- 2- Senior Manager/Specialist

Position type- Full time, permanent

This is an exciting time at ShelterBox, and we have ambitious targets of sheltering more and more families each year.

The Programme Funding Manager is responsible for coordinating the development and delivery of funding applications which support the delivery of Programme Funding Strategy. They will manage a pipeline and proactively develop and coordinate the development of high-quality restricted funding applications.

The role will support the Head of Programme Funding in developing and rolling out of systems, processes, and tools for efficient and effective management of institutional funding.

Duties will include but not limited to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive donor mapping exercise to identify priority institutional and large international Trust & Foundations focal donors for SB
  • Support the PF Team to identify, research and advise on funding opportunities and coordinate cross-organisational teams to respond to them
  • Ensure all leads are eligible to approach by SB and that they are aligned to our strategic framework and funding priorities
  • Ensure that any implication of risk is taken into consideration at all stages of planning/developing any funding applications
  • Gather intelligence about upcoming funding opportunities; develop and share opportunity-specific information and analysis with PF Team and wider groups
  • Identify funding opportunities for ongoing underfunded projects and communicate with relevant teams
  • Plan, coordinate and deliver a functioning pipeline of funding opportunities for institutional and large trust and foundation donors that supports the funding strategy to meet income goals
  • Have overall responsibility for developing high-quality funding proposals for SB’s institutional and large international trusts and foundation donors
  • Lead and coordinate the funding application processes for any SB’s under funded projects
  • Work closely with colleagues in the Programmes Delivery, Programme Quality teams and Finance teams who lead project design and budgeting, to contribute to the assessment, research, and design of institutional funding concept notes and proposals in response to donor funding opportunities
  • Work in close collaboration with consortium partners during proposal development and contract negotiation stages
  • Support the development of internal proposal review and approval procedures, to make sure the high quality of submission of proposals and ensure existing policies and procedures are strictly followed
  • Support the development and rollout of PF team systems, processes and tools to improve coordination, quality and compliance of institutional funding applications
  • Support the Head of Programme Funding in developing and rolling out organisations wide systems and processes for securing and managing large institutional funding opportunities
  • Consistently review and feedback on the functionality of systems and processes to PF team
  • Develop and manage the organisation’s pipeline of prospects, that have clearly defined targets, outcomes and values
  • Record data on in internal tools including all contact information and deadlines for each successful application and any new funding opportunities
  • Ensure Programme Portfolio overview is kept up to date accurately capturing all information about funding applications,
  • Produce reports to the IPD SLT on the performance and progress of institutional fundraising against agreed targets and objectives

Other responsibilities:

  • Identify, communicate, and address gaps in proposal compliance requirements
  • Represent SB in donor meetings, networking meetings and other forums as agreed with Head of Programme Funding
  • Actively contribute to the development of Institutional Funding Strategy for SB
  • Any other duties that may be reasonably expected to be delivered as part of this role

How to apply

If you are interested, please use the link below to apply

Jobs – ShelterBox

Closing date: 9/25/2022