Consultants/Freelancers specialised in Solar Water Pumping – Planning, Design, Implementation and CB

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We are looking for Bilingual (English + Arabic, French, Portuguese, or Spanish) Consultants/Freelancers specialised in Solar Water Pumping – Planning, Design, Implementation and Capacity Building.


Oxfam Consults is a network of world-leading professionals that aims to promote Oxfam’s expertise across the wider humanitarian aid sector. By sharing technical support, knowledge, and practical experience from multi-sectoral disciplines, we can help you access this network and contribute to responses that are both more efficient and effective.

Oxfam Consults is an Oxfam initiative housed by the Global Humanitarian Team. It operates both within the Oxfam milieu and more autonomously, depending on the scope of individual projects.


Oxfam is a global movement of people who won’t live with the injustice of poverty. Together we save and rebuild lives in disasters. We help people build better lives for themselves. We speak out on the big issues that keep people poor, like inequality, discrimination against women and climate change. And we won’t stop until every person on the planet can live without poverty.


All our work is led by three core values:

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Oxfam Consults is looking for Bilingual Consultants/Freelancers specialised in Solar Water Pumping – Planning, Design, Implementation and Capacity Building for our External Consults Roster

Candidates selected to be included in the Oxfam Consults roster should satisfy the criteria outlined below. All the candidates must have demonstrable experience in providing consultancy services and working as freelancers.

The role, when deployed, will be to provide high-quality and specialist expertise to Oxfam Consults in line with an individual Terms of Reference (ToR) that is in line with Oxfam values.

Selected candidates will be offered a framework agreement (of up to two years) that offers a flexible scenario for managing assignments. It is expected that consultants working under this arrangement will provide services on a regular basis to Oxfam Consults as required on a case-by-case basis.

Selection for this roster does not constitute an employment offer and there is no guarantee of work. Candidates may also be considered for alternative Oxfam Consults specialist rosters if they meet the relevant criteria.


The use of solar energy for powering water supplies is now an accepted and mainstreamed technology in the relief sector. In response to the growing need for this expertise, Oxfam Consults is seeking to build upon its capacity to deliver consulting services in solar-powered water systems (SPWS) and is looking for candidates with experience in these focus areas:

  1. Planning and assessments of existing and new SPWS including site surveys, water resource assessment, water demand assessment, technical and economic feasibility assessment.
  2. Design of water pumps using solar energy, particularly pump selection, power calculation, module arrangement, application of different configurations and software-based design.
  3. Implementation of SPWS through electrical and mechanical installation including supervision of installation to ensure compliance with design, safety and protective measures for the safe operation of the system.
  4. Developing service models for long-term management of the SPWS such as business or cost recovery plans, tariff setting, operation and maintenance regimes, service agreements etc.
  5. Strengthening capacity in SPWS of WASH stakeholders including curriculum development, tailor-making courses for different audiences and delivering training through both online and onsite sessions.



Extensive experience in planning, designing and implementing SPWS systems in at least one of the core focus areas. Ability to identify critical barriers to sustainable SPWS programming and collaborate with key stakeholders to address them.


  • Extensive practical experience in planning, designing and implementing SPWS in humanitarian and development contexts
  • Knowledge of motorised pumping systems and full grasp of solar pumping design concepts, specific considerations and limitations
  • Proven track record providing WASH and SPWS consultancy services for clients working in humanitarian or development contexts.
  • Ability to liaise, and coordinate, with a variety of stakeholders, including donors, partner organisations, the private sector, and government institutions.
  • Proven ability to effectively lead, and work within diverse and multi-sectoral teams across multiple countries, time zones, and organizations
  • Ability to produce and deliver high-quality technical reports, proposals, briefs and presentations to a wide range of audiences in English and one of these languages: French, Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese
  • Excellent experience in capacity building, facilitation, and training for a variety of audiences
  • Demonstrated experience in integrating feminist principles, gender, inclusion, and diversity issues in WASH activities.
  • Good understanding and use of humanitarian international codes of conduct and minimum standards, especially the Red Cross Code and SPHERE standards.
  • Good oral and written communication skills and the ability to use standard computer software packages.
  • Excellent written and spoken English plus any of these languages: Arabic, French, Portuguese, or Spanish


  • Experience of working in difficult contexts, and the ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Experience in delivering high-quality workshops, training sessions and meetings remotely.

All applications must be submitted online, by 30th October 2022, via the Oxfam website.

Applications may be possible after this date if applicants meet the necessary criteria.

Please state your daily rate for consultancy fees in British Pounds (GBP).

By submitting your application, you consent to Oxfam holding your details and records on file for a period of 6 years, in the event you are accepted onto the Oxfam Consults Consultants Roster.

We reserve the right to accept candidates while the advertisement is still open.

To unsubscribe from the Roster, please contact Oxfam Consults at [email protected]

How to apply

Following this link:—planning-design-implementation-and-cb-int8929/18053/description/

Closing date: 30-Oct-22