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Overview of Position

  • Under the supervision of the respective WASH Specialist CSR, the WASH Officer is responsible to ensure that Our Client’s WASH supported programs technically sound, efficiently implemented and administered to meet WASH Cluster quality standards, in order to respond to lifesaving needs of the most vulnerable/crisis-affected children and their families. Particularly s(he) will provide, technical oversite to contractors drilling boreholes, oversee supervision firms and respond to queries and quality assurances required from NGOs and State Government implementing partners. The consultant WASH Officer will oversee Minimum Response package and participate on Rapid Response Mechanism.
  • Somalia is currently in a drought crisis after the 4th failed rainy season. Multiple districts ar now in IPC 5 with imminent famine. Somalia is now under L3 emergency response category. Currently, Our client has rapidly scaled up emergency Construction of new and Rehabilitation/upgrade of existing boreholes and shallow wells to ensure functionality – Our Client , together with implementing partners and government counterparts, are targeting water sources in the IDP sites population affected by drought where water trucking will be taking place. During abnormal dryness or drought periods, these water points are used by host and IDP populations and water trucking markets to address the needs of communities with limited/no access to water. These strategically located boreholes need to be preventively upgraded to sustain a higher demand in times of drought and abnormal dryness and avoid breakages due to unavoidable over-exploitation. Upgrading these water sources will also involve strengthening the related infrastructures, such as the pumping mechanisms (hybrid system solar/generator) and a proper distribution system for surrounding beneficiaries. To enhance the quality of care during the AWD/Cholera outbreak in health facilities, pipeline network connections will be connected to nearby facilities, schools, and communities – additionally; Despite Somalia being prone to epidemic outbreaks such as cholera, polio, measles, etc, health systems are weak and under-resourced. This is exacerbated by other disasters such as drought and insecurity, which lead displacement of people. Overcrowded IDP/refugee camps, and poor WASH conditions, sharply increase the risk of transmission of diseases and mortality; thus, provision of an integrated package for schools, health facilities and OTP sites is a priority. The full extent of WASH requirements in health facilities and schools across Somalia is not well known but Our Client Somalia WASH Emergency Programme has carried out an assessment of 47health facilities across the country.

Role Objectives

  • Under the supervision of the WASH Specialist CSR, the Consultant WASH Officer will support development, coordination, follow-up on implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of Our Client supported multisectoral projects and humanitarian responses.

Emergency Programme development and planning

  • Provide timely, comprehensive and current data to inform WASH Emergency, planning, management and implementation. Keep abreast of WASH sector development trends, for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in Emergency Programme design, management and implementation.
  • Assist in the formulation of the WASH Emergency outcome and output results, related indicators, baselines, targets and means of verification. Prepare required documentation for Emergency Programme reviews.
  • Work with colleagues and partners to discuss strategies and methodologies for the achievement of Emergency WASH output results in relation to drought, flooding and AWD/Cholera outbreaks
  • Provide technical support throughout all stages of programming processes and ensure integration, coherence, and harmonization of WASH with other of Our Client sectors, for the achievement of the WASH output results with due consideration of climate resilient Emergency Programme requirements.
  • Advise the emergency focal point and sector partners on innovative ways to enhance WASH facility sustainability and hygiene promotion for behaviour change

Emergency Programme management, monitoring and delivery of results

  • Prepare/assess monitoring and evaluation reports to identify gaps, strengths/weaknesses in Emergency Programmes and management, identify and document lessons learned working closely with TPM and Borehole Supervision firms.
  • Monitor and report on the use of sectoral Emergency Programme resources, verify compliance with approved allocations, organizational rules, regulations/procedures and donor commitments, standards of accountability and integrity. Report on issues identified to enable timely resolution by management/stakeholders.
  • Technical and operational support for Emergency Programme implementation
  • Actively monitor of Our Client -supported activities through field visits, surveys and exchange of information with partners, to assess progress, identify bottlenecks and potential problems and take timely decisions to resolve issues and/or refer to relevant officials for timely interventions.
  • Provide technical and operational support to government counterparts, NGO partners, UN system partners and other country office partners/donors on the application and understanding of Our Client policies, strategies, processes and best practices in WASH, to support Emergency Programme implementation.
  • Participate in WASH Emergency Programme meetings, to review progress, with government, other sector agencies and implementation partners, involved at various stages of WASH Emergency Programme implementation, to provide expert advice and guidance.
  • Co-ordinate with other WASH team members and Our client staff, especially logistics, Health/Nutrition, Child Protection, Education and communication section, to ensure a rapid, proportionate and effective and integrated response.

Humanitarian WASH preparedness and response

  • Prepare district level humanitarian response plans.
  • Prepare requisitions for supplies, services and support inputs on long-term agreements and partnership agreements to ensure Our Client is prepared to deliver on its commitmentsfor WASH in case of an emergency.
  • Contribute to the coordination arrangement for humanitarian WASH, for instant robust coordination in case of an emergency.
  • Take up support roles in an emergency response and early recovery, as and when the need arises.
  • Contribute to development of partnerships and facilitate collaboration with counterparts and implementing partners.
  • Facilitate data collection, dissemination and information sharing on Emergency Programme/project status implementation and movement/distribution of program/ project supplies.
  • Follow-up on implementation of sectoral Emergency Programme(s) in collaboration with government and Our Client program staff and implementing partners.

Project Reporting

  • Kismayo – WASH Specialist CSR
  • Beletweyne – WASH Specialist CSR
  • Dollow – WASH Specialist CSR
  • Galcayo – WASH Specialist CSR

Key Competencies

Core Values

  • Care
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Accountability

Core Competencies

  • Nurtures, Leads and Manages People
  • Demonstrates Self Awareness and Ethical Awareness
  • Works Collaboratively with others
  • Builds and Maintains Partnerships
  • Innovates and Embraces Change
  • Thinks and Acts Strategically
  • Drive to achieve impactful results
  • Manages ambiguity and complexity

Common Technical Knowledge Required

  • Methodology of Emergency Programme/project management
  • Our Client programmatic goals, visions, positions, policies and strategies.
  • Knowledge of global human rights issues, specifically relating to children and women, and the current Our Client position and approaches.
  • Our Client policies and strategy to address on national and international issues, particularly relating to conflicts, natural disasters, and recovery.
  • Our Client emergency Programme policies, goals, strategies and approaches.
  • Gender equality and diversity awareness
  • Technical Knowledge to be Acquired/Enhanced (for the Job)
  • UN policies and strategy to address international humanitarian issues and the responses.
  • UN common approaches to programmatic issues

Team Management

  • This role has a team management responsibility

Further Information

Under the overall supervision of the WASH Specialist, the WASH Officer will deliver on the following tasks: Task


  • Drafting implementation reports on WASH supported emergency response programs and projects.; Follow-up up with government and UNICEF partners to ensure smooth and efficient execution of emergency related AWP/Project activities
  • Participate in field monitoring visits to verify NGO, Contractors and State Government implementation status.
  • Contribute to TPM and Supervision Engineering firms reviews of implementation status including monitoring and reporting on accountability for affected population.
  • Participate in Needs assessment missions to determine program/ project priorities and appropriate interventions within the context of interagency framework.
  • Participate in RRM and MRP missions and ensure implementation in target locations.

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